Mix Interiors 63

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Motorola, Basingstoke ‘We really went out of our way to make sure that whatever we selected for this facility would add something to the feel here. We addressed the branding that we wanted and also, through this, we’ve been able to give our customers and visitors a really good impression of our operation.’ Motorola’s Tim Tourville. AND NOW Tim is Senior Managing Director, CBRE Greater Atlanta Area.


Front Design ‘In every project we do, we always sit down together, the four of us, and we simply talk. We talk about anything really – it can be something we’ve seen on the street, it can be a film, it can be anything. That slowly leads into something we want to do – something we are curious about and something we want to discover.’ Front’s Charlotte von der Lancken. AND NOW Product Designer of Charlotte von der Lancken Design for the last year and a half in Stockholm


Salone del Mobile Milano ‘Attempting to cover Milan single-handed is impossible. You have to be sanguine and understand you won’t see everything. However, even realising this doesn’t stop a mental clock ticking inside your head, nagging away and imploring you to see more stuff, to get to more shows, to make more parties.’ We sent Grant Gibson off to the Salone – single-handed!