Mixology Student Designer of the Year Award

Its your chance to vote for this year’s Student Designer of the Year Award.

In association with The Furniture Maker’s Company sponsored by KI

Please take a look through our 4 Student Designer finalists below and vote for your favourite!

Closing date  for voting: 22 April 2016

Ray Clarke – Bath Spa University
Contracted Chair

Inspired by the age old tyre application of a wheelwright, thermal contraction is used as the only fixing. The steel ring is heated in a fire allowing it to expand just enough to fit over the wooden seating area, and using water to cool, the ring rapidly contracts, locking everything firmly in place.


Connor Holland – Kingston University
Lilo Bench

Winner of the Young Furniture Makers Bespoke award, the Lilo Bench demonstrates innovative material exploration with fine craftsmanship and originality. Created with a homemade version of the ‘Hydroforming’ process, the inflated steel seat appears as soft as an inflatable air mattress, with the distinctive structure providing both strength and comfort.


Paul Puskarich – Royal College of Art
Heatsink Chair

A tribute to the capabilities of industrially manufactured aluminium extrusions, the Heatsink chair highlights the visual power of the forms that help control the thermal profile of high energy products.


Alex Stewart – De Montfort University
Lux Lamp

The Lux lamp is very simply a harmony between floral beauty and mechanical functionality, designed in a way which can be mass manufactured for the enjoyment of everyone.





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