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Sunglasses, gelato, pizza, piazzas, Negroni, Aperol Spritz, the cathedral, flamingos, the last supper, those teeny little cars and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds
of designers. Milan has a lot going on.

You would think it might be overwhelming or daunting but it isn’t. Visiting the Milan Furniture Fair is tiring, no doubt about that – hours on end of stomping from location to location takes it out of you, however if you appreciate design and creativity in any form then the experience is overwhelmingly uplifting.


At these shows there is always a focus on searching out new trends. This year, if we’re honest, we’re not sure we saw any. Just because one chair is painted neon orange (although cool) does that mean
there’s a new trend for furniture that leaves an imprint at the back of your retina when you look away? Probably not, but what Milan did this year was illustrate that great design is timeless – there was still plenty to see and be inspired by. Here are a few our favourite things!



USM unveiled a cute display of its new product range – the pressed felt Inos storage containers. Various objects, the kind you’d want to pop in a box – like scissors or forks or a massive engagement ring, dangled, rotating slightly in the cool air-conditioned breeze. A kind of mobile. At the Mobile.

The Inos boxes themselves are neat. Made of pressed felt, obviously they’re measured to fit snugly into USM Haller storage, but these could be used anywhere standalone.


One of the best, most joyous lamps we’ve seen since we made circuits at school to learn about electric currents.


Artek was showing off, in a typically understated fashion, the new REB Kaari series of shelves,

barely designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. A selection of elements from brand heroes Stool 60 and Wall Shelf were pinned up to a wall to create a graphic display of the perfect elements that are the epitome of Artek’s signature style.


At Thonet the fluro number caught our eye. How could it not? It’s nice to see that a classic like this Lehnstuhl isn’t considered above a bit of fun. Although, will this age as well as the natural beechwood original? Check back in 30 years.


Kristalia showed a variety of great products including the new Colander Chair and the beautifully simple Maki Table.


Jasper Morrison reached peak normal at Vitra with his Occasional Lounge Chair, Soft Modular Sofa and a very familiar All Plastic Chair.


Glas Italia’s Shimmer table range was spellbinding – those simple cuts and shapes cast out a graceful glow. By HRH Patricia Urquiola, fyi. There was also an insanely cool riveted glass cabinet by Piero Lissoni that was so different – Urquiola so modern, Lissoni so classic. Both
so cool.


Diesel Living were some strewn socks away from being the most boyish stand in the world. Loved it. There was a space themed dining room complete with moon surface patterned lamps, plates, cabinets. Spacemen, rockets and geological gems accessorized to perfection. And cactus. Space cactus!