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Telling Stories: Milliken's Nordic Stories Focus Mix Interiors November 2013

Despite the amazing success of BBC4’s run of subtitled Scandinavian drama series, there are still many people who cannot cope with watching and reading at the same time. We love them – but that’s just our taste. However, it’s not only Sarah Lund and her knitwear that have made a great impression on us all. From furniture to high end dining, Scandinavia is hot right now – even when it’s cold!

Milliken’s latest collection, Nordic Stories, reflects the landscapes we have come to love on a Saturday night’s TV watching/reading. Talk about being ‘on trend’!

Nordic Stories was launched last month, and we were keen to discover its origins and the process behind its development. To do so, we went straight to the source, and spoke with the design team behind this exciting new carpet tiles collection – Milliken designers Claire Kimble and Kerry Strickland, and the company’s head of marketing and design, Alison Kitchingman.

Milliken’s inspiration for the Nordic Stories collection is drawn from the textural landscape, extreme environments, ancient folklore and the modern culture of the diverse Nordic region. We begin by asking about the inspiration behind the inspiration, as it were. ‘I do a lot of travelling and this collection developed from one of those travels,’ Claire explains. ‘I fell in love with Iceland. I was so inspired by the extreme environments, modern culture and resourceful creativity. When I’m travelling I capture images, scenes and ideas and when I return home, I collate them into a selection of beautiful photographs with a little bit of script to tell a story – just for my own use.’

“On this particular occasion I sent my ‘Nordic Story’ back to the design team so they could share my trip and feel inspired too. They were and it just stuck – and we soon had our Nordic Stories mood board. It felt very original and the Icelandic tale soon provided us with original design and colour names and a beautiful presentation – all home grown.”

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