October’s Big Question

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What is your favourite hotel experience?

Stephen Shakeshaft, Woods Bagot
Mine was my honeymoon experience. We went to a place in Uluru called Longitude 131, which was effectively a series of tents – they are the closest tents to Ayer’s Rock. They are canvas rooms with air conditioning units and it was a really nice, laid back experience where you see virtually no one else – which is exactly what we wanted.

Richard Fogarty, Bruce Shaw
I’d have to say it was being fortunate enough to stay at Le Manoir – Raymond Blanc’s place. It was quality throughout – the attention to detail was incredible, as was just how attentive the staff were.

David Morris, Studio Proof
I was on a paid trip to Orlando and Miami – and three days from the end of the trip I stayed at Schrager’s Delano, which was an amazing experience. Somehow, the concierge blagged me into a party – and it turns out it was Dennis Hopper’s pool party and I was surrounded by all these celebrities with big cigars!

Volker Pflueger, Forpeople
In 1999 I had just finished my studies and went to New York looking for work. I was on my own and didn’t have a place to stay. I ended up in the worst hotel – everything about it was sleazy. It was fantastic. It was everything I wanted and I stayed there for a long time. It was like being in a Cohen Brothers movie!

Phillip Millership, Denton Corker Marshall
On a personal level we were involved in the Edition London, working with Ian Schrager. We were near completion and Ian came into town. We did a walk of the building with him and were kind of on tenterhooks, hoping everything was ok – which thankfully it was. Working on that building and meeting Ian was a great experience.

Robert Allen, The Commercial Company
I went to a hotel in Madrid where a different designer had designed the rooms for each floor. One bedroom was completely space age. The bathroom was all coiled ceilings and white. It was very, very interesting to see how each designer had taken on the challenge of designing the rooms and done different things with them.