Seven Fascinating Facts About Sofas

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As we all know, the nature of how we can and do work has changed dramatically. For certain tasks and for our wellbeing, we’re now actively looking to get comfy away from our desks. Here, our friends from sixteen3 reveal a number of facts we didn’t know about those lovely, welcoming soft seating products

(Above) The word ‘sofa’ originates from the Arabic ‘suffa’, a long seat often made of brick or stone with cushions for comfort.


Before the introduction of polyurethane foam padding, sofas were stuffed with a whole variety of materials, such as straw, wood shavings, horse hair and even moss!


In the UK, an estimated £155 million in change gets lost in sofas each year!


 If it were to go up for sale, experts have estimated that the famous orange sofa from the TV series, Friends, would be worth £20,000.

Inflatable-Gummy-Bear-ArmchairInflatable sofas were invented in the 60s as way of creating cheap, flexible furniture for the youth market that went against the establishment. They had a tendency to deflate though.


One of the most famous forms of sofa, the Chesterfield, got its name from the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, who is said to have first commissioned one when looking for an elegant seat on which gentlemen could sit without creasing their clothes.


Furniture similar to modern sofas were found as far back as ancient Egypt, but they didn’t gain popularity until the 16th century when European craftsmen started producing seating with added padding for comfort.