Studio Focus – Todd Bracher Studio

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Who are we talking to?
My name is Todd Bracher and I am the founder and Creative Director of Todd Bracher Studio, a strategic design agency based in New York City.

How long Has the business been established?
Since 2001.

How many staff?
We have what I feel is a unique staffing model where we have five core team members who operate our foundational practices around design and development, strategy and management, then we have a curated global network of 19 experts that we engage as we tailor teams specific to the client needs. This gives us particular expertise in any application, as we have talent from optical physics, anthropology, colour theory, electrical design, to biotechnology, programming and market analytics.

What is your turnover?
Several million $US annually.


How much has the business changed SINCE you started?
The business has evolved in parallel to the market, which is really exciting. We practice what we call ‘Strategic Design’, which specifically means that we consider all aspects of the project, not only the design considerations. For us, good design is one that truly understands the business objectives and works closely with leadership to focus in the optimal opportunity that will deliver a measurable competitive advantage. Over the past 10 years we have been able to fully integrate into the success of companies, whereas in the years prior, design was seen as the ‘cosmetic’ packaging…this could not be further from the true value good design should bring.

How much more have you yet to achieve as a business?
Our business has achieved great things. We are currently integrating more and more into businesses that are shaping our collective lives, through health, well-being and personal medicine.  Our strength in the industry is growing exponentially as we have relationships across most disciplines and therefore what we are able to take on in the future we anticipate to be game changing.

“We are a leading voice for design in the USA, as we oversee $600M in an $8B industry.”

If the Government could change one thing what would it be?
Governments should involve strategic designers into civic acts. Such a role can optimise resources and streamline costs while providing true value to the population. Empathy and an understanding of the populus aligning to business objectives is what strategic design is suited for.

What is your biggest challenge as a business?
Our biggest challenge is reaching everywhere we want to reach. There are so many broken systems around us and it is challenging to remain selective and focused on what we know we can improve. It is a classic scenario of wanting to help all.

How many projects do you typically work on at one time?
This varies… some single projects have hundreds of configurations and other projects are a single object. Typically we range from 15-20 projects.


Have clients changed over the past five years?
Yes. The interesting thing is our work has evolved, meaning the client is the same, as we typically enter as designers, providing solutions around a product design. As our relationship evolves, so we advance into being deeply integrated in the decision of the business, spaces and product roadmapping, supply chain support, brand and offer tune ups, marketing and asset updating and focusing.  We currently work with 65% of our clients as design advisors in addition to product design as we can integrate our strategic thinking and leadership along with our product design.

What are you working on now?
We are a leading voice for design in the USA, as we oversee $600M in an $8B industry. We are focused on workplace solutions, seating, systems, lighting, work tools, as well as furniture and packaging design for top fashion houses, product and brand strategies. We are not confined to a particular space, so in the pipeline is a range of work from consumer product, wellness and personal health to industrial products.