July’s Big Question

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When developing a new workspace, what single element/facility do staff most request?

chetwood Laurie Chetwood, Chetwoods Architects
Clients and their staff are requesting flexibility to reflect the move away from a traditional, static 9-to-5 working environment. They want workspaces that can easily be adapted to suit new styles of individual and team working patterns and processes. Using ‘Activity Based Work’ design principles we create workplaces that clients report are enhancing employee wellbeing and increasing productivity.

Adam Adam Strudwick, HLW International

It’s hard to focus down to one single element, all our clients have different needs. I guess one thing that we are really hearing more of in a world where we are delivering more agile working spaces is ‘I need some quiet space to actually get some work done’.  This is a recurring theme in a world where we are balancing open, permeable and communicative buildings with a focus on increased productivity.

Dereck Dziva Dereck Dziva, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

Oddly, the single element our staff request is more meeting rooms. There is a perception in our organisation that there aren’t enough meeting rooms even though we have plenty of informal meeting spaces to choose from.  Our meeting room provision is based on hard data from utilisation studies and it is only when we share these statistics that people suddenly realise the inaccuracy of their perceptions.

Gary Gary Wingrove, BT Facilities Services

The overwhelming request from our colleagues is variety. Our customers are asking for workplaces that allow them to work individually, in huddles, in project groups, both formally and informally and they are sold on the idea that this both improves efficiency and effectiveness and makes for an altogether happier working environment.

Rory Rory Thompson, Rhino Interiors Group

Most of our clients’ requests are for kitchen/breakout areas but the answer to creating spaces that encourage staff to relax at work in a more interactive and motivating environment is evolving. Our solution is to inspire people by designing one distinct area of intelligent workspace that is open plan, cross functional and dynamic to allow staff to move freely between kitchen facilities, seating areas and interactive zones in one communal setting.


colin4annaColin Macgadie, BDG architecture + design

We ask all our clients what single element would make their workspace more suited to their needs and the most frequent answer is Quiet Workspace, closely followed by an Inspirational Environment. This demonstrates that choice is the key.