Septembers Big Question

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hintonJonathan Hinton, Ultrafabrics

The iPhone. It may be quite obvious but without doubt I would say my iPhone has enabled me to work more efficiently, and run my whole life wherever I am and whenever I need to. It is my email, my phone, my diary, my camera, my news source, my music, my entertainment and probably, most sadly, my whole life in one small black box.

profile-pic-pernillePernille Stafford, Resonate Interiors

I LOVE MY NESPRESSO MACHINE! Beautiful coffee in every cup with a huge variety of flavours and a sleek machine to make it. The innovation in the capsules I think is a very clever, every detail has been thought through. Loyal customer – one at home and one in the office.


Jason Turner, HLW

Work – Electronic sit-stand desks in our office- interesting to watch who chooses when to stand and when to sit.
Home – The ability to choose what TV I watch, when and where I want to watch it. I can even record stuff remotely via my mobile. However, my 5 and 8 year-old now mostly use the TV as 24hr animated wallpaper whilst I moan at them about Lego, colouring-in books, board games, etc.

leanne-wookeyLeanne Wookey, No Chintz

Airbnb! This innovation now lets me and millions of others enjoy a more unique travel experience. To meet new people who allow you a glimpse into their world, their space and take sanctuary. For me it appeals to everything I love, adventure, travel, culture, interiors as well as being really inquisitive. It also gives you the ability to live and experience a country like never before. This year I got to stay in an air-stream looking over Malibu beach! By far my favourite innovation.

andiAndi Theokle, Scott Brownrigg

My favourite innovation in the Theokle household is my lovely Vinturi aerator. This fantastic little gadget has transformed my life in allowing me to transition from being an interior designer to being an interior designer and a mummy. I can now have a beautifully decanted glass of wine that has the correct amount of air in it to allow the bouquet and enhanced flavours be delivered to my palette after my little girl has gone to sleep. Now I don’t have to finish the bottle, like I used to before – because it would be a travesty to waste it.

cath1Catherine Counsell, Camira

Any innovation which enhances wellness and wellbeing in our time-starved world really interests me. This might be the use of augmented reality to help people overcome phobias or allow virtual ‘getaways’, the use of SMART technologies embedded within fabrics to measure the biometrics of the user, or even Camira’s wool/bast fibre fabric blends, which remove impurities from the surrounding environment and offer inherent, improved flammability performance.