The Big Question

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When it comes to product specification, how much does ‘Made in Britain’ mean to you?

s-dickson-cropSteve Dickson

We are passionate in our support of British products. Our support is based on experience with great companies – they provide authenticity, quality solutions, agile manufacturing, innovation and excellent customer service. So what’s not to like. In our view ‘Made in Britain’ is becoming increasingly important from our clients perspective, which I believe has been down to the incredible hard work put in by our designers and manufacturers. Long may it continue!

Kristen-Liedl-black-and-whiteKristen Liedl

Made in Britain, to me, means tradition, integrity and heritage. There are a number of British brands who have been manufacturing their product for centuries and support local craftsmanship. They retain their quality, design and ethical values, while delivering a superior product. It allows me to specify items that will last, tell a story, support our local industry and still to this day have an unmatched quality compared to what a mass-produced product could deliver.

leanne-wookeyLeanne Wookey

We have always tried to source furniture from within the British Isles and have seen a great rise in recent years. We actively began sourcing British designed and manufactured furniture and fabrics back in 2012, and we have continued this in every area of our company – be it a space that you live, work, stay or play! British design has gone from strength to strength with more and more being manufactured here now too. It is definitely an exciting time for British design and I can only seeing this continuing.

Anna-BrehenyAnna Breheny
Scott Brownrigg

Everything! The phrase ‘Made in Britain’ has gravitas. It means something. It commands respect. When it comes to product specification, ‘Made in Britain’ does all of the above. It suggests loyalty, quality and innovation. It enables a more sustainable manufacturing process, which helps clients’ to further minimise their carbon footprint. We really care about sustainability. Many of our international clients approach us with a brief of: ‘We want a British design’. This includes the process, the concept and the final result. Therefore, if it’s ‘Made in Britain’ it’s got our attention!

enrico-caruso_hqEnrico Caruso

Our clients demand quality and good value when specifying products, with sustainability concerns at the core of that specification. Should those criteria be met by British-made products, so much the better, but the reality is that British-made products don’t always satisfy those measures. Never before has the architecture and design communities been more global, connected, and mobile than now. Placing restrictions on a product’s place of origin simply diminishes Britain’s role as a global marketplace for quality products.

tobyToby Neilson
BDG architecture + design

Great Britain is renowned for designing specialised, innovative products that are of a high quality. Specifying British designed products also means that we are not shipping goods half way around the world, basing our specification only on cost and not on the environmental impact, whilst also having the benefit of supporting the British economy.

There are many prestigious brands that have a unique heritage that are timeless in their design from furniture, flooring, fabrics through to technology.