The Big Question November 2017

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What is the most talked about trend you hear from your clients?

Tom Miles, LUCTRA
The shift towards agile workspaces is undeniable. We’re seeing a huge change in workplace design towards a more flexible and mobile environment, with a growing trend towards having USB-powered workstations and accessories.

Madelyn Hankins

Madelyn Hankins, Steelcase
The most interesting discussions I have are those about the integration of technology in space and how it can greatly impact the way people work. While this has been talked about for several years now, previously it would result with ‘trendy’ environments that actually didn’t get used much and meeting rooms equipped with expensive technology that people didn’t understand how to use. That is changing and will continue to develop at significant pace.

Helen Barlow

Helen Barlow, Harrison Ince Architects
Wellbeing in the workplace is high on the agenda at the moment – whether that be an emphasis on adjustable seating and sit/stand desking, the provision of flexible work spaces, the introduction of office greenery or an increase in the importance of breakout space. The design of today’s workplace is being influenced by the need for employers to provide a comfortable yet productive environment that blurs the line between the home and the office.

Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson, BDP

What are the implications of AI? Will we all be replaced by robots? Will our friends be electric? IoT will become ubiquitous and have a big influence on the way workplaces operate. Buildings will be smarter and as they and systems such as Li-Fi become more widespread, occupiers and visitors will benefit from new ways to connect and communicate with them and each other. Whatever technology provides us with, care must however be taken to allow a degree of individual control – it must be human.

Kathryn Mitchell

Kathryn Mitchell, Intrinsic 

Every client has a different set of requirements and priorities for their business and people. At the heart of it all, all our clients are truly recognising the importance of their workplace environment as a motivator for high performing happy people. For them it’s a stage of flexible interventions that balance team collaboration and places to think, with a focus on wellbeing and experience that reflect business culture / values.

Luisa B

Luisa Battaglia, SCAB DESIGN
It is hard to find a common trend. Just to pick one, I’d say the request for products made of mixed materials. Our company has always been considered a landmark in high-quality technopolymer production, but we decided to add polycarbonate, wood, steel, aluminium, leather and fabrics.