The Big Question October 2017

Neil Andrew, Dexter Moren Associates

I would like to see an on-screen guide or App that accurately recommends local destinations based on my interests and likes.

Angela B

Angela Bardino, Grimshaw Architects

Your hotel ‘experience’ should begin before you have even left your home. A short set of questions sent by the hotel to get to know you, so they can put together your own personalised holiday plan, presented digitally as you arrive to your room. This could even include getting to know you and your style, so there will be no need to pack! Once you arrive there will be a ready-to- wear wardrobe already in place.

Caroline Cundall

Caroline Cundall, IHG

Filtered drinking water taps in every guestroom. Some hotels are now putting glass water bottles in rooms instead of plastic bottles but they could go a step further with a filtered water tap, particularly in new build hotels. They could offer guests a metal thermos designed for carrying water while they are out and about, which will also keep the water cool in hot climates.

steven MSteven McGee, ISG

For me, a good night’s sleep and refreshing shower are an absolute basic requirement of any hotel room, but to create the perfect hotel room, lighting is often under- estimated in terms of importance to the average guest. Good levels of daylight, followed by appropriate light levels after dark, make the room experience either comfortable or unbearable! At ISG we go to great lengths to ensure our hotel projects deliver not only client requirements, but we regularly feed in positive experiences from our own stays in hotels around the world to ensure our clients achieve their aims of having the ‘perfect’ hotel room.

Alejandra De

Alejandra de Cordoba, HKS

A 3D food printer that really replicates any food (shape, but more importantly, TASTE).

david judge

David Judge, JudgeXD

I would like to see a truly comfortable armchair with excellent screen and sound for the ultimate in indulgent surfing, screen and sound experience.