The Big Question September 2017

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What does wellbeing mean to you?

Michael Aastrup, DESSO
For me, wellbeing is about balance. Balance between work and home, between working independently and the energy of being part of a team. We believe wellbeing is about creating healthy spaces that support both practical and emotional needs – everything from wayfinding to reducing fine dust in the indoor air. It also means using sustainable recycled and recyclable materials and designing products that help create spaces where people feel inspired and energised.


Francesca Gernone

Wellbeing is about shifting the focus towards the individual. It means designing workplaces to encourage positivity by empowering the user and providing a choice of adaptable environments. It is a way of going back to basics: exploring raw materials; engaging with nature, and using elements that are freely available, such as light and air. Creating ‘well’ buildings is a team effort that begins with design, evolves with the user and ultimately depends on a progressive work culture.

zoe mossZoe Moss, como
Wellbeing for me is personal contentment within the office. For some, the focus is plants, others breakout space or background noise. My individual wellbeing thoughts are always based around the activity I’m doing – thus if I need to concentrate, I want quiet Zen. If we are strategising, I want space and different mediums. If I could summarise it, then ‘diverse’ is where I would position it!

Nicky MooreNicky Moore, NOMA
It’s a holistic concept. It’s that sense of balance and control, a feeling that we’re steering our lives in the right direction. Socialising, being closer to work (meaning longer lie ins!) and keeping fit all play their part. It’s why we’ve designed NOMA the way we have – great watering holes, things to do that feed the mind, body and soul and all in a central location. It’s the little things that make all the difference.

Nicola_WoodsNicola Woods, OBI
To me, wellbeing means the sense of feeling comfortable and relaxed in a positive space. You can feel a great sense of achievement when you’re in a proactive environment, whether that is at home or in the workspace. I spend the majority of my time in the workplace and will continue to do so for many years to come, so I pride myself on being able to provide advice and design diverse, productive workspace to maximise our clients’ wellbeing.

Davud FoxDavid Fox, DAVID FOX DESIGN
Wellbeing means to me a sense of calm –you can always think better when you’re calm. Stressed out decisions are not always the best ones. Comfort and visual stimulus can be attributing factors to calm – the first being the labour of getting the ergonomics right, the second plants / nature / water. I’m a huge fan of biophilia at the moment – everywhere I have seen it, it just injects beauty into the environment.