Tim Mutton – Desert Island Desks

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Tim on the question of ‘Why Blacksheep?’

‘I always had trouble conforming to the rigidity of our education system and then the predictable formula of a design practice. Maintaining a style to impress just didn’t feel creatively fulfilling. I found my place by setting up Blacksheep (and naming it so) as somewhere that looks to break the mould and represent those that want to stand out through bespoke design solutions that ultimately improve people’s lives.’

1  Spaniel

I feed off the company of others, so if no other humans are allowed, I’d have to turn to man’s best friend to give me some companionship (and maybe help out as a watchdog).


2 Seeds
One of the greatest enjoyments I get from my work is watching the brands we partner with grow and develop. In the simple life of the island, nurturing seeds to vegetables would bring me a lot of joy.


3  The Stone Roses

I listened to this album a lot when I was just heading to art college. I really love the story of the album cover, which was inspired by a man the band met in France who always carried a lemon with him because sucking on it cancels out the effects of CS gas. He still believed the government in France could be overthrown one day. He’d been in the protests in ’68 and he wanted to be ready to help on the front line if it did. It just all looks and sounds like rebellion and kicking against the norm – which is, I suppose, how I felt then and when we set up Blacksheep. It would be nice to remind me of that spirit. Mikasa!


4 Lamy pen and paper

For me, you really can’t beat a pen and paper for ideas.


5 Triumph bonneville scrambler

A beautiful piece of machinery, for me this is the ultimate symbol of freedom. This might be a bit out of place on the island – but if I’m not able to actually ride it, at least it will be nice to look at.


6 Cocoon Tree
A lightweight spherical treehouse. I think I’d feel a lot safer cocooned in this, suspended from the trees a few feet up from any roaming bears.