Too Stressed?

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One third of workers in the UK report being stressed and overwhelmed with distractions, according to a recent global poll carried out by Steelcase.

The Steelcase poll interviewed 1,334 office workers in nine countries and shows that feeling overwhelmed is cross-cultural and cross-generational. The distractions reported ranged from too many emails and loud conversations, through to problems with technology. Almost half of respondents admitted to feeling stressed and overwhelmed at work and a third reported difficulties concentrating.

Bostjan Ljubic, Vice President of Steelcase UK and Ireland, says: ‘The average worker switches between tasks every three minutes, is interrupted every 11 minutes and it takes them 23 minutes to return to a level of deep concentration to deal with a complex task after being interrupted.’

33% in the UK say they can’t move around in the workplace and change postures

51% in the UK say they have no places in the office to relax and rejuvenate