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Hospitality group edyn reveals leafy new London workplace

Designed in-house by edyn in collaboration with London-based design studios Maison August and Atelier Ochre, the space reflects edyn’s desire to “create spaces that nourish and enliven the soul.”

18/05/2022 2 min read

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An adventure in diversity: in conversation with Daytrip Studio

Daytrip Studio founders Iwan Halstead and Emily Potter on originality, storytelling and what makes for good design.

24/05/2022 6 min read

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Unilin Panels introduces multi-purpose Decorative Compact MDF

Strong and easily processed, this budget-friendly new product is scratch- and wear-resistant, and its panels come in a handy large size.

19/05/2022 1 min read


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It might be time to take the office into the street, says M Moser’s Steve Gale

As we learn to live differently during the pandemic, whole sections of society are trying out new ways of living at a macro scale, in city-sized experiments.

25/11/2021 3 min read

Conditions for concentration are not the same for everyone, says Steve Gale

For years we have been building convivial spaces for collaboration, culture and creativity, but the last few months of remote working have made us look again at a neglected activity – the precious ability to focus.

16/12/2020 2 min read

M Moser’s Steve Gale looks at our primitive brain

Last month Steve looked at the need for a workplace to appeal to the higher needs and aspirations of its occupants, as well as merely functioning at a practical level. How do we convey this meaning and how do occupants perceive it?

14/01/2020 3 min read

Steve Gale: Can disruption be healthy?

M Moser's Steve Gale says, when everything changes, people warm to a bit of stability

06/11/2019 3 min read

M Moser's Steve Gale looks at the homification of the workplace

As a ‘knowledge worker’ your week will see you in the office for more than a third of all the hours you are awake. Over a career of 40 years this really adds up, and we know that getting to and from work also puts a big dent in the hours that are left.

18/06/2019 3 min read

M Moser's Steve Gale learns about humanity from tech firms

Now here’s something we didn’t expect to see – M Moser’s Steve Gale tells us he has learned about humanity from the tech firms!

01/04/2019 3 min read

Humanising the office: Dr Nigel Oseland

M Moser's Steve Gale talks to organisational psychologist Dr Nigel Oseland about brains, bodies and better ways of working.

05/04/2022 4 min read

Mixology Awards 2020 and 2021 winners revealed

Last week marked the biggest Mixology Awards yet, with over 1,400 of the industry's finest gathering at our new venue, Evolution, in London’s picturesque Battersea Park, to celebrate two years’ worth of exceptional projects, products and people in commercial interior design. 

21/09/2021 3 min read

Can you cool an office without air conditioning?

Nobody likes air conditioning, so is there an alternative? Steve Gale is hot on the trail.

23/07/2021 3 min read

Read the July Issue of Mix Interiors

The latest issue of Mix looks at the topic of sustainability and the important role designers and manufacturers can play in making the commercial interiors industry a more sustainable one.

22/07/2021 2 min read

Time, Trust and Truthiness

M Moser's Steve Gale picks out three lights to guide us through the fog…

26/01/2021 2 min read

'The New Normal' - or history repeating?

After three months of being locked down, Steve Gale asks, 'how much more home working do we want?'

10/08/2020 3 min read

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