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Tigg + Coll reference industrial Spitalfields for their latest student living interiors

Tigg + Coll Architects has overhauled the main entrance and amenity spaces at Chapter Spitalfields student accommodation, creating a beautifully textured and detailed space with plenty of options for socialising and studying.

29/09/2020 3 min read

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Creating a workplace that supports mental health: Rob Stephenson

The physical workplace is, for many people, a big part of what keeps people well, says the InsideOut founder.

22/09/2020 8 min read

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Schools back? How COVID-19 is affecting education property

The chaos surrounding A-level grading and university admissions in late August crowned a chaotic year for the UK’s higher education sector, David Thame considers.

22/09/2020 5 min read

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A new furniture collection designed by Note Design Studio for Sancal

Void Matters is a new collection of furniture that takes negative space as its starting point.

28/09/2020 3 min read


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BDG architecture + design sets out the approach to #WFH

A team of three designers from BDG architecture + design have developed a unique response to the sudden and exponential growth in remote working that the majority of the working population are now facing.

21/05/2020 2 min read

There is a huge amount of speculation in the workplace architecture and design world about the ‘future of the office’, ‘return to work protocols’ and of course the ‘new normal’ – but what this fails to address is the key issue of how people are actually working right now.

The We Can WorKit Out (WCWO) website from Chief Creative Officer Colin Macgadie and Creative Directors Adam Childs and Jorge Mendez-Caceres is a straight-forward resource to help people find solutions that could make home working easier, without turning them into the worst examples of office design. Through offering practical solutions from the creative team at BDG, WCWO unlocks the potential of working from home, room by room, without the need for dedicated space or requiring a home to look like an office. WCWO highlights a range of potential ‘WorKits’: each thoughtfully curated from a collection of products produced by some of the world’s leading manufacturers to turn domestic spaces into effective workplaces.

The settings are combined with the latest thinking and statistics on workplace design, to help individuals create a space in their home that is conducive to work without sacrificing style. The WorKits include the Sofa, Kitchen, Bedroom, Study as well as an Essential selection.  Brands that feature on WCWO include Anglepoise, The Collective, Humanscale, String, USM, Vitra and Workstories.

The designers from BDG architecture + design have developed some of the most innovative working solutions in the world for renowned organisations including Google, Nike, LEGO, Sony and WPP – creating environments to optimise the users experience, comfort and productivity.

The design philosophy of the studio is rooted in the creation of a full range of inclusive and diverse spaces for the multitude of tasks performed by people in the day-to-day of modern work. The home has always been part of this dialogue, and undoubtedly the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted and accelerated the untapped potential of ‘remote working,’ and it’s large scale adoption means that moving forward it will inevitably form a larger part of the conversation.

Gill Parker, CEO of BDG architecture + design commented, ‘This is not the ‘death of the office’ as many are predicting and we don’t have to choose between home and   work but there is no doubt the workplace paradigm will shift. The We Can Work it Out website is an expression of the synergy between strategy and creativity within the BDG studio, that always puts people at the heart of everything we do. Forward thinking organisations, that have invested in the technology and cultivated cultures of trust will be able to seize this moment, empowering their employees to work from home effectively.’

You can visit We Can Work it Out here.

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