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Small but mighty: five compact office spaces

Five of our favourite small-scale workspaces prove bigger doesn’t necessarily equal better.

26/01/2023 3 min read

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A decade in design: in conversation with Goddard Littlefair

Leading design duo Martin Goddard and Jo Littlefair reflect on creativity, purpose and the decade since founding their eponymous studio.

03/01/2023 6 min read

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Platforms by Connection: collaborative and configurable seating

A fresh take on two-tier seating, Platforms provides a seating solution for workplace and educational settings - with optional add-ons.

24/01/2023 1 min read


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Mix Roundtable: Post-pandemic, how can the coworking world keep ahead of the curve?

Is now the time for coworking to re-emerge, superhero–like, and obliterate that commute, destroy those traditional working patterns, and completely annihilate the property market as we know it?

03/08/2021 2 min read
Amtico Flooring
UK, Europe and International

We can almost see the finishing line. The worst of the worst pandemic any of us have lived through is (hopefully) behind us. So, what about the future? Are we all ready and willing to be back amongst others – amongst family and friends, maybe, but what about work? What about clients, colleagues and the general public?

We’ve gathered at Amtico’s new London studio to take an in-depth look at this ever-evolving subject and ask a panel of industry experts what the future holds when it comes to coworking.

With more and more major businesses turning to the flexibility and freedom of coworking-style within their own portfolios, what can the coworking occupier and designer do to keep ahead of the curve? The specifiers amongst our guests were in agreement that not only do occupiers need to improve their service levels, they also need to, in the words of MF Design Studio’s Interior Architecture Director, May Fawzy, make their offering really special – going beyond a safe, secure environment. Area’s Group Design Director, James Geekie, agrees that occupiers must consider exactly what their offering is right now, adding that it’s vital that spaces offer a great vibe and improved private working space.

We move on to discuss the idea of large occupiers choosing coworking space over their own HQs – is this the way forward, or just a kneejerk reaction and a fad that will soon diminish? Chris Davies, CEO of Uncommon, tells us that, following a tough year, his business is now seeing a major ‘bounce-back’ and feels that the market has really turned a corner, with end user demand continuing to return, with much of that activity coming from larger corporates.

Elsewhere, our guests ponder what this all means for the property market. Are we going to see major occupiers reduce their real estate, and will easier, short-term leases ensure we have thriving business centres rather than ghost towns? Colliers’ Director, Colin Wood, is perfectly positioned to answer and says that there is a real mixed bag out there at the moment, with some occupiers facing lease breaks and being forced to act, others are sitting back and ‘waiting and seeing’ what happens over the next 12-18 months, while other businesses are doing all they can to encourage people to return to the workplace. He continues by saying that he’s also seen some occupiers looking to increase space post-pandemic, as they look to move away from a high-density approach to a more flexible, collaborative way of working.

Look out for the full discussion, coming soon.

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