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AHR applies innovative biophilic design principles at The Spine building

For the northern home of The Royal College of Physicians, AHR Architects was tasked with creating a building that leaves its occupants healthier.

29/09/2022 4 min read

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Positive Impact Series: Oliver Heath

The global design authority and biophilia expert discusses why change is essential and why the greatest impact will come through collective action.

22/09/2022 3 min read

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Connection provides seclusion and focus in the new Kuppel work booth

Kuppel is a personal workspace solution designed to provide seclusion and focus, ideal for the rigours of the modern workplace.

03/10/2022 2 min read


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[Video] Mix Roundtable: Dismantling the Sustainability Myths

We explode some of the myths surrounding sustainability; consider whether good in practice trumps perfect on paper; and ask if sustainable design is an ongoing journey, not a destination.

Feature in partnership with Tarkett

03/08/2022 1 min read

We’re in the heart of Clerkenwell at Tarkett’s showroom. The huddle of streets surrounding are a sardine tin of suppliers, manufacturers and design brands. It is here that the decisions are made, projects envisioned and, perhaps, the future decided – with lead times seeing the products selected on these thoroughfares today, defining the shape of the built landscape tomorrow.

Once on the periphery and now at the centre of design discussions, sustainability is arguably the defining issue of our times. But are we making those decisions based on sustainability fact or fiction, and how honest are the sustainability narratives driving commercial interior design projects?

Our assembled roundtable participants are all experts in their fields, all passionate proponents of a more environmentally conscious path, and each representative of an organisation of scale that has – to some degree – an ability to move the needle. But we’ve assembled not to discuss what they know to be true, but what they know to be false, in a bid to dismantle the myths surrounding sustainability and tackle the misunderstandings corrupting how we address it.

Read the full discussion here.

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