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AHR applies innovative biophilic design principles at The Spine building

For the northern home of The Royal College of Physicians, AHR Architects was tasked with creating a building that leaves its occupants healthier.

29/09/2022 4 min read

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Positive Impact Series: Oliver Heath

The global design authority and biophilia expert discusses why change is essential and why the greatest impact will come through collective action.

22/09/2022 3 min read

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Synergy expands to become Synergy Creativ

Synergy becomes Synergy Creativ, a design hub offering lighting, acoustics and biophilic products for office and hospitality spaces.

22/09/2022 1 min read


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Fritz Hansen celebrates 150 years with new Anniversary Collection

We meet the Fritz Hansen team in Copenhagen to discuss the new collection and the past and future of this iconic brand.

05/08/2022 3 min read

Fritz Hansen has recognised 150 years of design with the Anniversary Collection, celebrating Danish design and the past and future of the iconic brand.

Select pieces of Fritz Hansen’s most famous designs have been reinterpreted with the use of special fabrics, colours and materials, including new versions of the iconic Arne Jacobsen Series 7™, the Egg™, the Swan™, and the Lilly™ chair, as well as a PK61 table in Norwegian marble sourced near the Arctic Circle. The collection looks to the future, without forgetting the Danish tradition of simplicity.

An all-new release as part of the Anniversary Collection, the PK60 table was designed by Poul Kjærholm in 1952 to pair with the PK0 A chair, but was never put into production until now. Inspired by the work of Japanese Sculptor Isami Noguchi, the table comprises a glass top that exposes the sculptural wooden base in refined black stained ash or Oregon Pine.

Although designed in the 50s and 60s, there is an enduring quality to the Anniversary Collection, reinvigorated with modern fabrics from Raf Simons for Kvadrat and Sørenson. For Fritz Hansen’s Head of Design, Marie-Louise Høstbo, the lasting nature of Scandinavian and Nordic design is deeply engrained. “From our early days as cabinet makers, we were striving to be innovative with our craftsmanship, with a focus on the human body and its surroundings. Nordic countries are places where light is very important – the light can be different every minute; every hour. The organic shapes in the furniture caress the light coming in and emphasise the shape of the human body.”

“There’s always been this tradition in Scandinavia that design and product development should consider the improvement of life – we make products because we need them,” says Fritz Hansen’s Design and Brand Ambassador Christian Andresen. “We make them functional, because they serve a purpose, and then we add the quality of a product on top. Inherently all of our products are highly sustainable because of their quality: they last. Now, more than ever, we can talk more than ever about the emotional part of the design – what does the design do for you? This is becoming more and more important because there’s an ocean of products and surplus around us. It’s about allowing for that extra layer of heartfelt explanation and a story.”

With offices now competing with the convenience and comforts of home working, Fritz Hansen are keen to bring back a sophistication to the workplace and offer a sense of quality that will encourage workers back to the office – and in turn improve company culture.

“The pandemic has really shown people how they live and what they surround themselves with,” comments CEO Josef Kaiser. “We’ve seen an interesting change in buying behaviour, where people are wanting to improve their environments at home and at work. It’s also important to have products which can be maintained, which can be repurposed, which can be brought into a circular economy where we can take it back and bring it back to the market and keep the product as long alive as possible.”

“A lot of the pieces in the collection today started out being for the commercial market,” adds Høstbo. “Adding these these more personal, heritage items in our commercial office spaces or lounge areas can create a more welcoming space – using softer materials and upholstery, and adding more colours and more tactile surfaces.”

From a Copenhagen carpentry workshop in 1872 to a global design house in 2022, how best to sum up the legacy of Fritz Hansen over 150 years? Josef puts it as, “extraordinary design, improving life.”


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