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Adaptive reuse: defining new purpose for existing buildings

Ever since buildings have been built, they have been repurposed. How can existing building assets remain relevant in a changing world?

12/10/2021 7 min read

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Paradoxically speaking: Experience

Taking a positive, memorable experience from somewhere we attend regularly is a challenge not to be underestimated, says workplace expert Neil Usher.

19/08/2021 4 min read

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Materials Matters: Fettle Design

Fettle is a boutique interior architecture and design firm specialising in the hospitality sector. This month, the firm’s Co-founders Tom Parker and Andy Goodwin offer up a selection of their favourite material products.

14/10/2021 2 min read


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Penoyre & Prasad merges with Perkins and Will

Penoyre & Prasad, the award-winning architecture firm, known for designing some of the UK’s most sustainable educational, healthcare, residential, and cultural buildings, has joined global design firm Perkins and Will.

07/11/2019 2 min read
Indeed Dublin Dublin, Ireland Prioriti

The merger, which grew out of the two firms’ common environmental and social concerns, goals, and design philosophies, benefits both practices while enhancing design services for clients worldwide.

‘There are so many shared values between our firms that this partnership felt natural to us. We’re looking forward to using our combined capacity to deliver even better results for our clients, more efficiently,’ says Sunand Prasad, who co-founded Penoyre & Prasad in 1988.

Ian Goodfellow, Partner at Penoyre & Prasad, elaborates: ‘The global resources provided by Perkins and Will mean that we can increase our reach and fulfill our ambition to design in a more holistic way, with wider impact. This is particularly important given the climate emergency the world is facing.”

Penoyre & Prasad’s merger with Perkins and Will establishes a stronger architectural presence in London and the regions, says Steven Charlton, Managing Director of Perkins and Will’s London studio. Now a combined entity, the London practice will be able to design and deliver both commercial and institutional projects – and do so across all typologies, including interiors. The timing of the merger, Steven says, is perfect:

‘We’re joining forces on the heels of our winning the international design competition for the European Commission office complex in Brussels, and only a few months after the unveiling of our new brand. There’s so much forward momentum. In partnership with our Danish colleagues at Schmidt Hammer Lassen, and our partners at Portland Design, we’re ready to double down on our commitment to London, the entire UK, and all of Europe.

Mark Rowe, Partner at Penoyre & Prasad, says he and his colleagues are looking forward to being part of a bigger, global team: ‘Our practice has always thrived due to its diversity of voices, and adding a truly global dimension to that design conversation opens an exciting new chapter for us.’

‘Our new colleagues from Penoyre & Prasad are an invaluable addition to our team, and to our network of clients,’ says Linzi Cassels, Design Director at Perkins and Will London. ‘Now, we can seamlessly apply best practices in commercial architecture and interiors to projects in the healthcare, higher education, and civic sectors. And vice-versa. Our clients have access to everything they need under one roof.’


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