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Small but mighty: five compact office spaces

Five of our favourite small-scale workspaces prove bigger doesn’t necessarily equal better.

26/01/2023 3 min read

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A decade in design: in conversation with Goddard Littlefair

Leading design duo Martin Goddard and Jo Littlefair reflect on creativity, purpose and the decade since founding their eponymous studio.

03/01/2023 6 min read

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Platforms by Connection: collaborative and configurable seating

A fresh take on two-tier seating, Platforms provides a seating solution for workplace and educational settings - with optional add-ons.

24/01/2023 1 min read


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6 industry experts give their career advice to the Mix 30 under 30

Can you offer our 30 under 30, Class of 2019, career advice by saying one thing you would have done differently?

13/05/2019 2 min read

Bronte Turner, Managing Director, HLW London

I wish that I had really realised and appreciated the freedom that being 20-something actually gives you – in life and in your career. If I was 25 now I would have used ALL my holiday to explore even more of the world (and take the time to appreciate it). I would take more risks in my work, designs and planning my future, and I would realise not to rush into the next phase of my life and career, which may bring less freedom but as much fun, challenges and enjoyment!

Mark Alcorn, Managing Director, C2:Concepts

Tricky question that! Two things come to mind; I shouldn’t have worn the loud trouser-braces in the late 80’s – but that was retail for you. I loved my spell at Addison and actually I should have spent longer in that area of design but it’s amazing watching retail, leisure and workplace design merging and mutually influencing each other today. The second thing: I should have kicked-off c2 concepts a few years earlier as time and tide wait for no man.

Elena Panagiotidis, Senior Associate, Perkins and Will

This is a fickle industry and can be tiring and heavy on the soul. Find what excites you and pursue that, enjoy your work and keep learning from your peers. I wouldn’t change anything I have done, but I always look at things from a fresh perspective and the moment this feels like a ‘job’ I will walk away. Design is a passion – have fun.

Kristoff DuBose, Founder, Cirkularis8

It’s a demanding career. But there’s nothing like living inside your imagination, seeing that dream become reality. There’s one place where the magic really happens. And that place is in your ability to listen. I came into this path headstrong and I really wish I had listened more to those around me. If you’re smart, be sure you’re not the smartest one in the room and surround yourself with brilliance.

Wayne Taylor, CEO, Space Zero

If you want to grow your business, build a quality team around you as early as possible – don’t ever skimp when investing in your people. It may seem painful and a lot of money at the time, but you can’t afford not to. Quality people pay for themselves many times over and allow you the time and headspace you need to run and develop the business.

Tim Verran, Audio Visual Specialist, Visavvi

One element that kept me in a good place both professionally and personally was integrity, which has that old quote, ‘Will you sleep well at night knowing….’ This often brought good fortune, because you are comfortable in how you conduct yourself either when specifying product/services or buying the round at the pub. People trusted that you were doing the right thing. Integrity then brings other things, like having the right balance in day-to-day activities; work when you are meant to and give time to your personal life. If you stay consistent with the right balance, you will be satisfied in your performance, with time to smell the roses.

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