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Modus Workspace create ‘a feeling of being home’ at Checkout's new office

Characterised by subtle contrast and a commitment to form and function, Checkout.com’s new workplace is built on the foundation of community, a spirit of collaboration, and a focus on supporting one another.

15/09/2021 3 min read

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Paradoxically speaking: Experience

Taking a positive, memorable experience from somewhere we attend regularly is a challenge not to be underestimated, says workplace expert Neil Usher.

19/08/2021 4 min read

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Arper showcase new collections at London Design Festival

At London Design Festival Arper presents Mixu, designed in partnership with Gensler and on display for the first time at the London showroom. This sustainable and versatile collection of chairs and stools can be completely customised to suit the needs of any context or environment.

22/09/2021 2 min read


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The Big Question

Why has coworking suddenly become the force it is today?

01/10/2019 2 min read

The idea of coworking has been around for a long time, but now it’s truly de rigueur across business verticals. Where the modern 9-to-5 has shifted, flexibility is key, and these mixed use and often inspiring spaces can be motivational in and of themselves, presenting the opportunity to network offline in the real world, contra to the increase of homeworking and the isolation that can bring. 

Andrew Sibley, Director, ege carpets 


The impact the workplace has on its community is what 2020 should be all about. Not only in terms of its environmental impact, but also on the people who work within it and the community around it – a broadening focus, beyond the balance sheet, with investment in the social benefits on offer at work, that will encourage a spirit of collaboration and value across our people, supply chain, customers and the community around us. 

Richard Gann, Managing Director, Rawside 

The phenomenon of coworking seems to have been a result of a perfect storm of more people working independently, technology, rising rents and travel costs, as well as a changing mindset about the purpose of the workplace, with a real desire for a greater work/life balance. Interestingly, the features of coworking – creating a community and providing inspiration through interaction, which appealed so much to the freelancers who chose to work this way, –evolved to become game changers for workplace design more generally. 

Isabelle Dauchez, Associate, Edge 

Commercial real estate is experiencing a paradigm shift and established models are making way for new ones – like coworking. Space is no longer an asset to be managed but a flexible service to be offered and a human experience to be enjoyed. The coworking model has delivered these spaces for end-users where traditional leasing models failed. I believe the sector’s shift has only just begun…innovation will come in many forms! 

Sarah​ Bewers, Designer, ThirdWay Interiors 

First, technology has finally caught up with agile working aspirations and you can now work pretty much anywhere with decent WiFi. There are also more gig economy freelancers and micro-businesses around, looking for decent facilities in good locations, especially those with a cool factor, rather than working in isolation. Finally, ever since the 2008 crash, businesses have been looking to structure their real estate exposure in a much more flexible way. 

Nigel Tresise, Director & Co-founder, align 

Coworking offers low start-up costs, short leases, spatial flexibility, shared resources and larger company sociability for new entrepreneurs. Plus, there’s often an incubator, mentoring culture and strong interior style to create a feeling of belonging. There are still practical challenges, however, including privacy and acoustic controls. I look forward to seeing how we, the design community, can work with experienced users and operational teams to evolve these environments into more mature workspaces.  

David Holt, Founder, 74 

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