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Symons House: 74 designs student living at its finest

London and Scottish Student Housing enlisted award-winning interiors and architecture practice 74 to create a hospitality-inspired student living experience in the heart of Leeds.

15/07/2020 6 min read

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Post COVID-19 design: Time for a quick change

After a long few months, businesses in the commercial sector across the UK are slowly beginning to reopen their doors. Forbo Flooring Systems' James Morton discusses the importance of flooring to organise and invigorate a space.

07/07/2020 3 min read

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Hyphenated Hospitality is the new normal

Aparthotels and other hybrid forms of hospitality will dominate the post- pandemic leisure sector. But in what form, where, and what do they want from design? David Thame talks to the Czech expert who has the answers.

15/07/2020 5 min read

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Bene launches Pearson Lloyd-designed PORTS collection

The Austrian leader introduces three complementary product lines, which reflect the high standards and changing workstyles of modern leadership.

15/07/2020 3 min read


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Caroline Robbie, Principal, Quadrangle-BDP

A Principal at Quadrangle-BDP, Caroline Robbie is a designer of projects, from small jewels to massive infrastructure.

10/07/2019 1 min read

Four decades of practice include working with Will Alsop on the Tabletop at OCAD University, building a baseball palace at SkyDome and, for the past 10 years, concentrating on creative media and broadcast spaces in Toronto and Hollywood. Here’s Caroline’s Desert Island wishlist…

My Blundstone boots

These are my go-to footwear, unless it’s 90 degrees out. Worn-in and completely comfortable, I even have a pair for site visits with steel toes.

Mosquito Netting

The little bloodsuckers love me and I could take desert island living if I didn’t have to be itchy.

Negroni Mix by Campari

Who knows if there will be chinotto and cascarilla, let alone juniper berries on the island? So, just in case!

Radio and MP3 player  

I am definitely going to need something to play music on because I definitely don’t want my iPhone on a desert island!

Rolls of trace paper and Pilot Fineliner pens

These two are always at hand to jot down quick sketches when explaining concepts. As I’d be on my own, there would not be so much explaining – but I can imagine lots of ideas would be captured with all that free time.

Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov

I have read it many times and will keep doing so. This was my introduction to science fiction when I was a teenager and it opened an exciting new world of imagination to me.

Tracks for the jukebox

  • Suffragette City by David Bowie

    Hearing this at the age of 11 changed what would have been a life of classical music for a violin nerd in elementary school.

  • Bennie & the Jets by Elton John

    Anything and everything by Elton John was on my record player as a teenager – but this one was in heavy rotation.

  • Love Rollercoaster by the Ohio Players

    You always need a great dance track and because I still love disco…there, I said it!

  • Gloria by Patti Smith

    Because she’s still touring at 70, is still an artist and a poet and has a better Instagram feed than anyone!

  • Pyscho Killer by the Talking Heads

    I saw them perform this soon after its release in 1977. Made punk mean something to me as a bunch of art school dropouts.

  • A Kissed Out Red Floatboat by the Cocteau Twins

    There’s nothing like Liz Fraser’s voice in your head to take you somewhere else.

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