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WPP invest in the future of campus workspaces

WPP is bringing landmark buildings back to life – and, in doing so, revolutionising the workplace.

25/02/2020 5 min read

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The Dealer Report 2020

Back in the days when Mix Interiors was in its infancy, the furniture dealer was viewed with suspicion by many, seen as somewhat irrelevant by others and even as the evil exponent of the dark arts by some. Today, the dealer is king in the UK furniture market. We've handpicked some of the leaders to tell us more about the current market and what the future has in store.

26/02/2020 14 min read

Key industry articles and insights looking at the latest news from the world of commercial interior design

Net carbon zero offices: how to turn brown into green

Net zero carbon office design will change the way workplaces get made, and how they work. David Thame talks to sustainability guru, Joanne Holden, about how to turn brown into green.

26/02/2020 5 min read

Discover the latest and most innovative products curated by Mix Interiors.

Material Matters: Marble

For this edition of Material Matters, the team of experts at Material Lab focuses on marble.

26/02/2020 2 min read


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Mix at 20: an interview with Mick Jordan, Editor

As the Founding Editor of this fine tome, Mick Jordan has seen things people wouldn’t believe. Not quite attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, but certainly C-beam desks glittering in the dark near The Gate. We decided, for our 200th issue, to sit him down and ask him about some of his favourite things from the past 20 years.

06/01/2020 3 min read
If you weren’t an Editor what would you be doing (and you can’t say having a pint!)?

I certainly wouldn’t have followed my dad into the City – far too much pressure and early, early mornings. I think I would probably have gone to work on local newspapers. I’ve also always liked the idea of working at an airport – I’d be airside with hi-vis jacket and paddles!

What’s on your bookshelf at the minute?

Iain Banks, Ian Rankin, Irvine Welsh (strangely, all Scottish), Robert Harris, John le Carre, Paul Theroux, Bill Bryson, Alex Garland, lots of sports and music biogs.

What is the oddest interview you have done?

I’ve not conducted too many ‘odd’ interviews. One that does stick in my mind is an interview with Gianluigi Colani, who sadly recently passed away. He was eccentric, to say the least. The whole thing was beautifully surreal. Legendary designer – and really good fun to sit and chat with. I recall that he drew an odd little sketch to explain one of his designs – and then signed it and gave it to me as a present.

Most immediately impressed with when meeting for the first time?

Mark Simpson!

Who is your design hero?

It’s a little obvious, but Jonathan Ive is a real visionary. I’m lucky enough to have been born into a generation where tech really took off and thanks to Jony (and others, of course), it has gone from the purely functional to the most desired products we own.

What was your most memorable lunch/dinner/drink?

It would have to be a dinner of white asparagus and German beer, on a hillside high above the Bavarian countryside. It was surprisingly (apart from the beer, which was obviously great) idyllic. There was also an amazing meal in one of Vienna’s best-rated restaurants, an incredible Bloody Mary and steak in Chicago, a ludicrously over-the-top champagne brunch in Dubai…

Best press trip?

They’re all amazing. Stockholm with Kinnarps, Helsinki with Artek, Austria with Bene, Dubai, Venice, Prague, Anfield…they’re genuinely all special. We’re incredibly lucky to be treated to such kind hospitality and to get to see fantastic people, places and businesses. My family and friends don’t get these opportunities – so I always try to make the most of them when they come my way.

Which product do you think made the biggest impact?

Other than the aforementioned Apple products and tech, it has to be Aeron. It was simply a quantum leap in seating design.

Describe Mix Interiors in three words?

On the ball.

What was your most memorable interview?

My favourite interview was with the late, great Ettore Sottsass. He was just so cool and incredibly generous. It was one of those moments when you realise you’re in front of a true ‘great’. He was in his eighties at the time – not that you’d have known if from his energy. An interview with Mark Newson was also a standout. It was a real press junket thing, but after our allotted ten minutes had passed, he (very politely) shooed his PR team away and took me for a beer. Finally, I should mention an interview we did in one of our very first issues with Vitra founder, Rolf Fehlbaum. I think that feature made a lot of people sit up and take notice of Mix.

How did you first meet Henry (Pugh, founding publisher)?

Through the industry. He was running his own furniture PR business and I was a junior reporter for another magazine. One of the main roles I had back then was to talk with manufacturers, marketing and PR about new product introductions, and I therefore became one of Henry’s contacts and vice versa. We’d meet up in London – and quickly realised that we had a number of things in common; beer, football, cricket, music etc. We were also both based out in Essex, so would regularly meet up in and around the City before heading out of town. In fact, it was during one of those meetings – in The Railway at Liverpool Street – that Henry first mentioned the idea of launching an independent workplace magazine…

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