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Modus create an Instagram-worthy workspace for SLG

As regular readers will be all too aware, we like to get out and about. With both London and Manchester within easy reach of our editorial team, it’s important to us that we don’t just focus on these two centres. So, a day out in the lovely West Country ticks a number of boxes for us!

13/11/2019 6 min read

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The Biophilic Office Project

There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that, by incorporating biophilic design into our built environments, we can increase our health and wellbeing. Biophilic design acknowledges that we are instinctively connected to nature and that, through exploring this connection within the spaces that we live, relax and work in, we can positively influence our physical and psychological health. Oliver Heath, Director of Oliver Heath Designs, knows his stuff.

18/09/2019 3 min read

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Relax, don’t do it: the scope for relaxed office floorspace

We all need to relax – seriously. So is the office property business learning how to chill, or is it manic from too much coffee? David Thame investigates the scope for relaxed office floorspace. Stop. Calm down. Take a break. Above all, relax.

13/11/2019 5 min read

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Introducing lighting specialists houseof.com

Introducing online interiors brand houseof.com - lighting specialists with a philosophy that combines creativity and functionality.

12/11/2019 1 min read


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Antron carpet fibre used in carpet qualities from Christy Carpets at Workplace House

Antron carpet fibre was used in six carpet qualities from Christy Carpets at Workplace House.

30/09/2019 1 min read

Antron carpet fibre was used in six carpet qualities from Christy Carpets at Workplace House, a collaborative showroom space in London’s bustling Clerkenwell district, during this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week.

Known for rock-solid performance and ease of maintenance, Antron carpet fibre can be found throughout the showspace, demonstrating Christy Carpets’ confidence in choosing the fibre for demanding areas such as the main entrance, where making an excellent first impression is key.

Stephan Hanke, from INVISTA Antron carpet fibre, comments: ‘The widespread use of Antron carpet fibre at Workplace House demonstrates the confidence Christy Carpets has in the full range of available Antron fibres, for example, the peerless stain and fade-resistance, soil-hiding and longevity of Antron Lumena.’

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