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AHR applies innovative biophilic design principles at The Spine building

For the northern home of The Royal College of Physicians, AHR Architects was tasked with creating a building that leaves its occupants healthier.

29/09/2022 4 min read

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Positive Impact Series: Oliver Heath

The global design authority and biophilia expert discusses why change is essential and why the greatest impact will come through collective action.

22/09/2022 3 min read

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Connection provides seclusion and focus in the new Kuppel work booth

Kuppel is a personal workspace solution designed to provide seclusion and focus, ideal for the rigours of the modern workplace.

03/10/2022 2 min read


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Autex showroom: a case study on acoustics for flexible spaces

The acoustic specialists have transformed a roof terrace building on Old Street into a working case study on flexible and modular design using their own products.

01/07/2020 2 min read
Autex Acoustics Ltd
Autex London Showroom, 61-67 Old Street, Level 5 Roof Terrace, EC1V 9HW, London, United Kingdom

Nestled on a rooftop in the heart of Clerkenwell, with panoramic views of the London skyline, the Autex showroom operates as an office, gallery, and vibrant event space. With four distinct zones divided by sliding acoustic screens, the space is flexible and modular by design; an open-plan environment that can be separated into smaller spaces – each with a deliberate function.

Autex Interior Acoustic products are applied throughout the space – their purpose to function as both a sculptural exhibition and a practical acoustic solution. The intention is to allow people to interact with the product on a fundamental, tactile level. They can see, touch, and experience how a product exists and works within an occupied space.

As the London showroom plays host to a variety of events – from parties to industry workshops – the space has to perform acoustically. In order to fit a space with an effective acoustic treatment, you have to consider the range of frequencies that will be operating within it. Designed in collaboration with tp bennett director Michelle Wilkie and senior interior designer Ben Boxshall, the London showroom has a variety of noise activity that sits across the frequency spectrum – from bass heavy music, to the hum and chatter of conversation and collaborative work. As lower, bass frequencies have a longer wavelength than higher, vocal frequencies, every aspect of the material, shape, and installation of a treatment has to be considered to ensure it will be effective.

Tailored specifically to target and absorb noise across the frequency spectrum, Frontier™ Raft was the perfect acoustic solution – complementing the existing acoustic treatment and design of the showroom. Solid in appearance, yet hollow in the centre, Raft is a geometric, 3D, acoustic system designed to be suspended from the ceiling, or fixed to the wall.

Due to its modular nature, Raft can be ‘tuned’ to a space by adjusting the distance between the beams and the ceiling, allowing problem frequencies to be targeted and absorbed. Raft’s geometric shapes are designed with both aesthetics and acoustic performance in mind. Made from compressed, needle-punched, 100% polyester fibre, the hard outer shell absorbs higher frequencies, while the combination of the air within the hollow centre, and the three-dimensional form, effectively absorbs lower frequencies.

Now a feature of the London showroom, Raft in Beam 100 supports the acoustic ambiance of the space. Both low and high frequency sound is targeted and absorbed, dramatically reducing echo to maintain a comfortable, temperate volume – regardless of the occasion.

Available in 17 contemporary colours and four styles, Frontier Raft is perfect for spaces that require a holistic approach to acoustic treatment.

The Autex London showroom is currently open to visitors under social distancing guidelines, contact the team to make an appointment today.

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