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Pearson Lloyd design their new studio with Cassion Castle Architects

Yorkton Workshops represents the studio’s continuing commitment to the city that has been its home for over 20 years, creating new opportunities to engage with the industry and local community.

25/01/2021 6 min read

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The post-pandemic future of furniture

The pandemic has made it very clear that agility and rapid adaption to new situations and new needs are key if you want to be part of the future, says Christian Grosen Rasmussen, Chief Design Officer at Vitra.

20/01/2021 2 min read

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Support your health whilst working from home

Can intelligent lighting improve our mental and physical health now we are spending more time at home than ever? Discover the benefits of LUCTRA - and how to beat those winter lockdown blues.

25/01/2021 1 min read


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Clestra and Rainlight rework the IRYS pod

New iteration of the IRYS pod provides the ultimate reassurance and comfort for the workforce, with the integration of virus killing UV-C light.

13/08/2020 2 min read

The unique modular concept has remained at the forefront of innovation and design since its launch in 2016. With businesses now facing challenges in the workplace, IRYS has been reconfigured to incorporate the latest generation of UV-C lighting to ensure the space is rigorously sanitised between meetings to maintain the highest levels of hygiene, crucially preventing the spread of viruses.

Following extensive research with the original designers, Rainlight, and a team of lighting experts, Clestra has now introduced a UV-C lighting component to IRYS, ensuring that between meetings the IRYS can be sanitised, ridding the space of harmful pathogens. UV-C is highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses by destroying the molecular bonds that connect its DNA, it is a staple method of sterilisation that is used in hospitals, aircrafts and factories every day, and it is fast becoming a vital factor in fighting COVID-19.


Bluetooth technology is utilised to operate and integrate the conventional LED with the UV-C lamp system. It is impossible to switch both channels on at the same time – which is critical as UV-C lighting is harmful to humans. The control system ensures that the IRYS is clear of human presence prior to switching the UV-C lighting source on for a 15-20 minute cleansing cycle and, once complete, the space is ready for immediate use.

The original design by Rainlight was always intended to offer the ultimate flexibility in design as well as the capability to adapt to the latest tech and innovation, including airflow management, electrical wiring, AV equipment and storage solutions – and this latest iteration is evidence of that.

‘We created IRYS as a transformational device in the workplace to facilitate social interaction,’ says Yorgo Lykouria, Founder and Creative Director of Rainlight. ‘As the most important aspect of workplace is the sharing of ideas, we are looking for ways to overcome the current challenges and allow business to flow as usual. Our latest iteration gives the user additional assurance that they are in a safe space free from harmful bacteria and viruses.’

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