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15/02/2021 2 min read

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Ergonomic tips for working from home

Actiu team up with the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia to share their recommendations for choosing the right furniture when remote working.

07/04/2020 3 min read

Having a comfortable and functional workspace at home has become an urgent necessity for an increasing number of people. And what’s more, this domestic space needs to meet the same requirements as a person’s professional environment. The furniture must therefore be designed and manufactured to promote comfort and well-being during working hours, enabling you to customise a highly effective home office.

“The job has the same requirements and therefore the environmental conditions must be the same. We need to have enough space, to take the appropriate breaks and to not stay still for too long,” says the Director of Innovation at the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV), Rosa Porcar.

In her opinion, this space needs to have two essential features: a big desk, which promotes orderliness and enables you to organise cables in a tidy fashion, and a cushioned office chair.

“The desk should have enough space both on top and underneath, allowing you to move your legs and stretch them forward and to raise your knees. It is also very important that cables be connected in a tidy fashion so as to prevent tripping,” says Porcar. Among the solutions Actiu offers are desks such as Prisma, which have specific systems for accommodating cables and keeping the workspace tidy.

As for the chair, the best option is “an office chair with an ergonomic design, which accompanies the movement of the body,” she explains. To that end, Actiu offers models of chairs which move with the user, which means they can be adapted to each person and to each task. The TNK Flex model stands out due to its ergonomic qualities and its capacity to support your back and posture. The Stay and Trim models also provide comfort and different functionalities for day-to-day work.

“The most important thing is for the seat and back to be cushioned. A well-designed and cushioned fixed chair is preferable to a poorly designed office chair. Your back should be supported at all times and remember to place your arms on the desk so as to rest your shoulders, if the chair does not have armrests,” she says.

She has one last recommendation: “When working from home, we should not just put the computer in the first place that comes to mind. We should take our time to find the best possible space, because we shall be using it for a long time. And you have to choose the place well,” adds Rosa Porcar.

It is also a good idea to create a small space for relaxation and reading, where you can switch locations and tasks as well as complement your home office. The Noom collection is a great option for this, due to its range of chairs and armchairs which promote comfort.

Your home workspace should receive natural light and have the necessary electrical connections available for your electronic devices. It should also be away from televisions and busy areas in order to avoid distractions and interruptions. If it is not located in a separate room, it would be a good idea to install a sound absorbing panel, which segregates the work area and facilitates concentration.

It is also important to encourage body movement, and that you can switch between working in a sitting and a standing position. For this, Actiu provides options of adjustable desks such as Mobility and Talent. Other notable features of the Talent model are that it is compact, foldable, stackable and has wheels to enable you to optimise the space. Longo is very useful in a home office and adds a friendly aesthetic to the room.

Orderliness is also essential in remote working spaces. Items which allow you to store and categorise material in a simple and non-visible manner, such as cabinets and bucks, are very useful.

Finally, health and sustainability must be taken into account when creating a suitable home office. Therefore, healthy and formaldehyde-free materials and products with a high percentage of recyclable materials should be opted for insofar as is possible.


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