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‘kin create a ‘journey of discovery’ at Taylor Wessing’s art-filled workspace

Design consultancy ‘kin has revealed a bold new space for the global law firm’s Liverpool office, located on the city’s iconic Albert Docks.

15/07/2021 3 min read

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Can you cool an office without air conditioning?

Nobody likes air conditioning, so is there an alternative? Steve Gale is hot on the trail.

23/07/2021 3 min read

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Low height shower solutions from Schlüter-Systems

Specifying a wet room project can bring about a multitude of challenges for architects and designers: Schlüter-Systems have launched two products which they believe will make this process far easier.

20/07/2021 2 min read


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Explore Studio Moods at The Gallery Clerkenwell

Now bearing a Red Dot Product Design Award, Studio Moods is IVC Commercial’s modular vinyl solutions that can be used to create dazzling bespoke floors.

Paid feature by IVC Commercial

20/04/2021 2 min read
Studio Moods
IVC Commercial
Belgium, London, Derby

Through pre-defined geometric shapes and multiple wood, stone and colours that can be arranged in countless patterns, Studio Moods makes bespoke design simple, bringing creativity and freedom to the floor.

There are nine geometric shapes in Studio Moods, which can tesselate individually or be combined in unique patterns. To start things off simply, IVC Commercial has 107 in-stock patterns that can be used as the foundation of the design.

Any of these patterns can also be filled with more than 150 floors from IVC Commercial’s Moduleo 55 and Moduleo 55 Impressive collections. From classic oak, slate and terrazzo to concrete and colours, Studio Moods is as individual as it needs to be.

The beauty of Studio Moods is that it makes bespoke floor design democratic. A fully bespoke creation can belong to a project from just 75m2, or selecting from pre-defined building blocks, designs can be created with no minimum order quantity straight from stock. What’s more, with the performance and low maintenance of modular luxury vinyl flooring, Studio Moods is a more affordable solution than you might think.

IVC Commercial at The Gallery Clerkenwell brings a taste of this winning innovation to London. Residing on Great Sutton Street in the heart of Clerkenwell, the capital’s architecture and design district, it’s a collaborative space that sparks new ideas and possibilities in flooring specifications. From within, it’s one of the few places that truly lets designers explore the creativity of flooring. The starting point doesn’t really matter: an idea of colour or form or something more defined, there is a way it can be formulated into a floor layout that brings functionality and design that stands out.

With carpet tiles, LVT and sheet vinyl floors all made in Europe, IVC Commercial is one of the few companies able to deliver floors for all areas of a project that are made entirely in-house, and this gives a unique advantage. From carpet tiles for working areas to LVT in breakouts and vinyl sheet for utility, it’s an approach to efficient manufacturing, control and quality that can bring real benefits in designing a floor scheme that’s out of the ordinary yet simple to implement.

Showcasing concepts in-situ gives a chance to see how combinations can deliver in real world environments. There’s nothing to match seeing the powerful tessellations of Studio Moods framing areas or the feel of carpet tiles in meeting booths to spark the start of a flooring scheme that’s both interesting and appropriate for the task.

Guidance is on hand from IVC Commercial’s team of consultants, so even the uninitiated in wear layers and pile heights can deliver clients a scheme that looks great and performs brilliantly. This is how great floor design becomes easier to implement with IVC Commercial. 

For further information visit ivc-commercial.com

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