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Jestico + Whiles completes key new learning centre for the University of Cambridge

A new building that offers co-working and social spaces, the West Hub marks the start of the transformation of the West Cambridge Site into a centre for innovation.

26/05/2022 3 min read

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An adventure in diversity: in conversation with Daytrip Studio

Daytrip Studio founders Iwan Halstead and Emily Potter on originality, storytelling and what makes for good design.

24/05/2022 6 min read

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Building a future-proof, destination office

Digital infrastructure specialists Pioneer Group offer insight into creating an adaptable, fully integrated workplace.

26/05/2022 2 min read


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+Halle encourages users to play with Summit modular seating

+Halle has collaborated with Norwegian designers Snøhetta to create Summit: customisable, modular social furniture.

20/01/2022 2 min read

During the Annual Briefing, a behavioural-led design forum held in Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo during 2019, Snøhetta curiously explored the concept of an architectural tool, for open, and less-prescribed sharing. The main purpose: providing a set of shapes that can serve the right dynamic based on the need of each situation, whether it be a lecture, a meeting or a momentary break. “For us, it’s important, that people can make it their own,” says Marius Myking, Director of Product Design at Snøhetta.

“Summit is an investigation into how a cushioned hillside, with its gentle elevation, can create intimate sharing spaces for people to work, learn and unwind. And while we found the idea of natural escalation thrilling, we saw the opportunity in combining the inherent behaviours of social amphitheatres, open Spanish steps, and playful slopes,” says Myking. “We landed on the simple notion of a multitude of levels, an indoor mountain range, providing intimacy without having to create an enclosure.”

With six modules: curved, waved and straight, in three sizes: small, medium, and large, the modulations are endless, with the option to change the modules easily throughout the day. “When prototyping and testing Summit with our architect colleagues, the forms worked intuitively. We deliberately avoided any rules, emphasising creativity and the immediate play that occurred, proved a good dose of natural immersion.”

“It’s the form in which we gather that makes the brief fascinating: inspired by the idea of furniture acting as a facilitator for exchange, we can see how Summit speaks to new ways of coming together. Traces of landscape architecture feed into the design—introducing a soft, mount-like, structure at play— which remains a reference point for the design to this day,” says Martin Halle, Creative Director at +Halle.

Summit is versatile enough to allow any entry point, creating an inviting seating set up for the gathering of people. Helped by the many modules, creating a perfect place to share is a comfortable experience, naturally playful and fun. “You must interact with Summit, by lying, or leaning, exploring different ways of using it, sitting differently from one day to another. The purpose is to facilitate that diversity in use, highlighting the value of creating environments for individual needs coming together,” Halle concludes.

Summit offers an integrated power plug solution available for all markets around the world.

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