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M Moser reveals EY's new 'hospitality style' workplace

M Moser Associates creates a community-focused workplace designed for interaction.

24/11/2022 2 min read

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Town and Country: in conversation with the Paskins

Layo and Zoe Paskin discuss the launch of their own creative-collab studio and taking Gleneagles from the Perthshire countryside to Edinburgh.

15/11/2022 5 min read

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BACHMANN and StudioBricks launch portable, rechargeable HOLA booth

HOLA booth is a portable, sound-proof workspace designed for flexible new ways of working.

24/11/2022 1 min read


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IVC Commercial adds more colour and flexibility to its Art Intervention collection

Inspired by 20th Century American art movements, IVC’s updated Art Intervention carpet tile collection introduces new colours and designs to bring floor layout flexibility to workplace interiors.

Paid feature by IVC Commercial

01/06/2021 1 min read
Creative Spark, Expansion Point & Basalt
IVC Commercial
Belgium, London, Derby

At the heart of IVC’s new look Art Intervention carpet tile series lies the Creative Spark palette of 32 colours that give the depth to approach all kinds of office style. From bold hues that support activity and rich organics which connect to nature, through to mature and sophisticated pastels, it provides a firm base to build a dynamic and adaptable floor layout.

All 32 colours of Art Intervention are available in the solid carpet tile of Creative Spark. Through vivid hues, earthy organics and versatile utility colours, Creative Spark is able to answer the flexibility and variety of today’s commercial interiors.

Drawing upon lines of alternating colour and altering intensity, Expansion Point explores these arrangements through 12 duo-colour options that coordinate with colours in Creative Spark.

Blurred Edge brings a linear effect that finds balance between linear rigidity and the liberty of motion. In 10 colourways rooted in rich earthy organics, the carpet tile can be used to coordinate with Creative Spark and Expansion point.

Using high-performance stain and fade resistant nylon for great appearance retention, Art Intervention can also be used with IVC’s Rudiments collections for even more design flexibility.

Art Intervention is a core carpet tile collection that provides excellent scope through its carefully considered colour palette and coordinated designs. From smart and sophisticated layouts to the playful and creative, Art Intervention makes great design affordable.

Art Intervention is made in Belgium and is readily available for a fast design solution for your next project.

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