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Jestico + Whiles completes key new learning centre for the University of Cambridge

A new building that offers co-working and social spaces, the West Hub marks the start of the transformation of the West Cambridge Site into a centre for innovation.

26/05/2022 3 min read

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An adventure in diversity: in conversation with Daytrip Studio

Daytrip Studio founders Iwan Halstead and Emily Potter on originality, storytelling and what makes for good design.

24/05/2022 6 min read

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Building a future-proof, destination office

Digital infrastructure specialists Pioneer Group offer insight into creating an adaptable, fully integrated workplace.

26/05/2022 2 min read


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IVC Commercial explores the beauty of imperfection with new carpet tile collection

Designed and made in Belgium, new sustainable flooring collection Imperfection is inspired by the ancient Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi and acceptance of the imperfect and transient.

03/02/2022 2 min read

Presenting design in combination with physical comfort, acoustic performance and sustainable materials, the Imperfection carpet tile collection is now available from IVC Commercial.

A response to demanding and complex times, the range of carpet tiles counters the continual pressure to achieve perfection, exploring the idea that beauty can be found in the impermanent and incomplete through three ‘imperfect’ designs offered in the collection: Grit, Bruut and Rupture.

Grit is an all-over grain, Bruut is a raw, textured design and Rupture’s golden crack is a homage to the ancient Japanese craft of Kintsugi. The designs can be used together in a way that is free of abrupt transitions from one to the next, through any combination of pattern.

As the first premium sustainable carpet tile from IVC Commercial, Imperfection uses ECONYL® yarn, a performance nylon that’s made from fishing nets, ghost nets, old carpets and fabric scraps. Rescued from all over the world, this waste is regenerated through a depolymerisation process that ensures the same purity and performance features of virgin nylon.

All Imperfection carpet tiles also feature IVC Commercial’s EcoFlex™ Echo acoustic backing that reduces impact sound by 25% and improves sound absorption by up to 100%. Insulating against the sounds of footsteps and the background noise of busy offices, EcoFlex™ Echo offers optimal acoustic performance.

“We exist in a world where there is consistent expectation to achieve perfection in our work,” comments designer Vanessa Van Overmeeren, IVC Product Director. “The natural human response to this is to feel stress and pressure, which affect our wellbeing and mindset. We believe that it’s our role to provide a counterbalance to these negative influences through design, so that stakeholders feel they are in an environment that is both supportive and encouraging.

“Imperfection is a pure translation of this duty, a design inspired by the ancient Japanese worldview that beauty is found in the impermanent and incomplete. It encourages us to embrace mistakes, adopt an accepting mindset and be more accommodating of flaws – it’s a carpet tile for open-minded, collaborative and encouraging places to work.”

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