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Threefold Architects deliver new coworking space Paddington Works

Inspired by Brunel’s iconic station, the design uses a limited palette of simple and robust materials that give the the space an industrial and civic quality.

13/04/2021 1 min read

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Buckley Gray Yeoman: Hospitality Report

As the hospitality industry starts to get back on its feet, Buckley Gray Yeoman share some of the key ideas they have been working on to create new and better spaces for returning guests.

14/04/2021 3 min read

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Oripura from CBS: perfect for creating an ergonomic workstation anywhere

Colebrook Bosson Saunders introduce Oripura: a portable, foldable and elegant stand for use with any laptop, anywhere.

13/04/2021 2 min read


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Kvadrat launches The Monotypes collection by Kinnasand

Designed by Creative Director Isa Glink and her team, the collection expresses the beauty of pure compositions made of 100% circular materials.

07/10/2020 1 min read

Monotypes modulates the signature characteristics of wool, hemp, lyocell and recycled polyester through a refined approach to manufacturing processes and finishes.

Precise weaving constructions reflect the individual essence and cellular architecture of each mono-material. A woollen sable with natural mélange yarns mirrors how wool looks under a microscope, while a graphic, net-like leno weave references the rhythmic manufacturing of recycled polyester.

Yarns were exclusively developed for Monotypes, ranging from high-torsion to twisted moulinées and alternating slub yarns, highlighting the specific material and drape properties. Dyed and non-dyed yarns combine to express lively and natural notes.

Monotypes also investigates the materials’ personalities by elevating tactile properties. To sensual effect, the designs in the collection accentuate the warmth of wool, the crispness of hemp, the softness of lyocell, and the smooth coolness of recycled polyester.

The collection’s colour palette includes lighter pigments and weathered shades through to organic, natural tones and modified primary colours to add edge and depth.

The Monotypes collection transforms the raw spirit of circular materials, opening up an inspiring source of infinite combinations and shaping sensory perceptions of interior spaces.

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