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A kaleidoscope of colour at Birdies sports and social space

Hidden under the iconic Battersea Power Station train arches, interior architecture studio SHED has created a cocktail bar and playful golf course.

28/05/2020 4 min read

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Realising the post-pandemic workplace

The last in our series on how the current crisis will affect the commercial interiors (and wider) world, we’ve asked a number of leading end users and workplace experts to offer their opinions on where we’re likely to find ourselves post-COVID.

28/05/2020 5 min read

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Tech plus workspace equals what?

Excitement about new tech workspace solutions needs to be kept under control, say Nick Taylor and Keir Dixon, Directors in Savills’ building and project consultancy team.

27/04/2020 3 min read

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Frovi introduce Picket, an anti-microbial felt screen

Frovi has introduced a new solutions to workplace safety, Picket, an anti-microbial felt screen.

28/05/2020 1 min read


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Material Matters: Durat, a recycled solid surface

Durat is a colourful solid surface material made with recycled post-industrial plastics that can be used to create seamless surfaces in interior applications.

20/04/2020 2 min read

Durat uses post-industrial plastic waste collected from manufacturing and waste management companies in Sweden and Finland –  the recycled flecks give the material its distinctive terrazzo appearance and allow Durat to reclaim all of its waste from production so it can be reused in other sheets. At the end of its life, the material can be refinished and repurposed in a new application or returned to be recycled.

The Palace Collection

Durat’s recent Palace Collection was formed in collaboration with Dutch-based design agency MOST Collective, honouring the company’s vision of making design materials recycled to last. The collection is created using shimmering flecks of natural mineral pigments from a 17th century Dutch paint mill in larger chips of solid and semi-transparent colour, and comes in 12 colour combinations.

Durat Palace is a reflection Durat and MOST Collective’s shared belief in innovation that respects nature – to reuse that which is polluting, limit the use of raw earth materials and give life to a timeless material that lasts well into the future. And, with the Palace Collection, Durat have created the world’s first solid surface material made with recycled content and raw earth minerals.

Durat is hardwearing and food safe, and is suitable for residential and commercial interiors – from restaurants and office kitchens to bathroom vanities and furniture.

The 12mm thick through-colour material comes in 2900 x 800mm sheets that can be joined seamlessly to any length, have routed edge designs, inlays or be thermoformed to a curve. The material can also be made in 9mm to 18mm thick sheets as well as a range of sinks and basins offered by Durat.

You can find Durat in Surface Matter‘s materials library in London.

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