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With Group Managing Director Ciaran O'Hagan, we discuss how manufacturers can (and should) make a positive impact at both a local and global scale.

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Plan the return to work with iotspot from Bachmann

iotspot from Bachmann is a smart workspace platform, providing several tools to create a productive, environmentally friendly and smart working environment.

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bachmann iotspot

Already managing, or still searching?

Desk sharing, hot desking…. there are lots of terms used to describe which is fundamentally a system of work that enables a business to house less workspaces than actual employees, on the basis that not everyone will be in the office at the same time. Desk sharing was implemented in the early 1990s to help save on furniture, space and costly rentals. This method however has proven to have some faults – it’s difficult to know where colleagues or team mates are located when you don’t have a fixed desk space, which in turn hinders team building and networking.

BACHMANN iotspot is designed to help combat these issues by giving visibility of where your colleagues are, and helps to promote workplace networking. When looking at IOTSPOT you will see its simple installation, flexibility and intrusive design, but one of its best features is its use of technology to bring people back together in a fun and creative way.

Through the IOTSPOT app you have the ability to invite friends and colleagues to sit next to you or meet up in a designated workspace – allowing you to plan your day around your needs and activities rather than accepting what free workspace (if any) is available at the time.

Book a workplace – wherever you are

With the impact of Covid19 it’s clear to see that more flexible working methods are going to develop and be implemented within businesses world wide. In the past, working from home within certain businesses had always been perceived as unproductive or distracting, however over the last months with business’s forced to use a work from home business model to help prevent the spread of the virus it is clear there are some benefits to working from home.

There are certainly challenges ahead with internet speeds and home office ergonomics – but what this intervention has proved is that working from home can be done, and most importantly it can create a more fulfilling life style for the workforce – we now have the chance to wake up and have a few hours to ourselves rather than rushing to catch a train or sit in traffic.

The need for workspace is still required but in a very different format, with a requirement for less desking and more focus on collaboration and inspirational spaces, to allow colleagues to get together for one or two days of the week to discuss and thrash out new ideas. This is where IOTSPOT really starts to play its part in the development and management of these new workspaces: helping to manage fixed desking and allowing teams to book meeting rooms and areas segregated for specific business needs. As a business you can monitor how your spaces are being utilised, allowing you to fine tune the workspace to ensure you are getting them most out of it – helping you to stay ahead of a rapidly changing curve.

How it works

IOTSPOT is simple to implement and understand, with a user friendly application and colour changing hardware device to clearly indicate the workspaces current use status. All the devices are stand alone, which means there is no need for any local network integration or IT support!

Through the provided application your workforce will be able to book a workspace for themselves, and invite colleagues or team mates to work alongside them. For ease of location, office mapping can be implemented within the application and reception areas – this function can also provide information like space temperatures, allowing individuals to pick a location best suited to their needs.

A handy feature alongside the office mapping is the dashboard, that can be located within the reception area providing valuable information such as total occupancy and free space numbers across multiple floors. From a management perspective you can see from a glance your full estate, allowing you to identify which offices are be utilised to there full potential and which ones may need attention. Companies benefit from the accurate collection of relevant user data, visualised facts, and compliance with the GDPR.

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