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M Moser reveals EY's new 'hospitality style' workplace

M Moser Associates creates a community-focused workplace designed for interaction.

24/11/2022 2 min read

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Town and Country: in conversation with the Paskins

Layo and Zoe Paskin discuss the launch of their own creative-collab studio and taking Gleneagles from the Perthshire countryside to Edinburgh.

15/11/2022 5 min read

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BACHMANN and StudioBricks launch portable, rechargeable HOLA booth

HOLA booth is a portable, sound-proof workspace designed for flexible new ways of working.

24/11/2022 1 min read


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Redefine creative flooring authenticity with iD Inspiration

Designing spaces has moved definitively towards connecting interiors with the outdoor world, echoing the beauty of nature to improve quality of life in urban spaces. By selecting the best natural tones of woods and expressive stones, with iD Inspiration Naturals, Tarkett seek to bring the outdoors in.

06/05/2021 2 min read

In this way, Tarkett aim to create positive emotions to help enhance learning, working and caring. iD Inspiration decors were selected to foster a feel-good atmosphere, and bring interior designs to life through the use of their exclusive digital printing technology.

From the calm and peaceful pureness of blond oaks to the expressive darkness of traditionally charred Japanese woods, or raw sun-weathered boards, Tarkett took inspiration from a  range of tree species such as elm, hornbeam, and walnut, to create alternative wood grain patterns and colour variations, as well as new subtle textures such as MDF and Terrazzo.

Today, Tarkett iD Inspiration showcases the latest digital printing techniques used to output high resolution scanned images from source materials such as granite, marble and all types of wood species and variations.

Digital technology not only enables a much higher definition to start with, but also the potential to expand on this restriction of the 3m2 pattern repeat.

In nature the beautiful randomness of pattern is unavoidable. When attempting to replicate nature, Tarkett initially had to be very conscious of the restrictions of their medium – now, not so much. A very rustic real wood plank would feature some pronounced knots, splits and grain marks, all completely unique. A rotogravure printed version of this plank would look very similar, but every 11th plank could be completely identical to the first.

Using this same scenario, Tarkett’s digital technology can yield around 50 unique planks, with much improved definition.

It is a world of difference to the discerning eye, and removes some of the restrictions from the manufacturer’s creative boundaries, enabling Tarkett to consider dramatic marble colourations with distinctive veining, huge rustic wood plank formats with pronounced saw marks and grain effects without much concern of the visibility of these features in the ‘repeat’.

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