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Mammertsberg hotel shakes up history with a new sensory design direction

Space Copenhagen reveals a decadent but relaxed design, set inside a 1911 Swiss villa.

07/02/2023 2 min read

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Making data human: in conversation with i/o atelier's Steven Charlton

i/o atelier’s Steven Charlton on starting from scratch and why using data can create a more meaningful human experience.

30/01/2023 6 min read

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A sustainable reinvention for Sedir, sixteen3's modular seating range

sixteen3's versatile modular seating is now constructed from highly sustainable frame materials produced using agricultural waste.

06/02/2023 2 min read


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Schlüter-SHELF: drill-free storage from Schlüter

Schlüter-SHELF is a simple multi-way solution to add storage to a tiled wall, without compromising on style, colour or design.

Paid feature by Schlüter-Systems

22/09/2022 2 min read

Many tiled wall shelves require drilling through tiles or grout joints or rely on adhesive or suction cup attachments. If the area has been waterproofed behind the tiles, then drilling will penetrate this and create risk of water damage over time. The team at Schlüter have designed a range of shelves, Schlüter-SHELF, that are installed without drilling, yet still offer an extremely strong and secure bond and offer valuable storage space without comprising the aesthetic.

Three variations of the Schlüter-SHELF are available:

  • Schlüter-SHELF-W is integrated into the wall during tile installation, with tiles completely covering the anchoring legs of the shelf. It’s the largest option in the range.
  • Schlüter-SHELF-E are corner shelves with simple retrofit installation available in three different shapes.
  • Schlüter-SHELF-N is a shelf component for use within one of Schlüter’s prefabricated niches.

Each variation is available in five different design options with different shaped cutaways allowing water to drain away. These same five designs are available in Schlüter’s shower drains so you can achieve a coordinated look.

A variety of colour choices are also available and in two different finishes, stainless steel, and powder-coated aluminium. The latter having finishes designed to blend with the most popular tile trends, from white and light beige to dark grey and black. These finishes mean that whichever shelf you choose, it will complement the overall design style of a room, matching the shelf to the tile trim, or other fixtures and fittings.

Schlüter-SHELF is typically installed in wet environments such as bathrooms or steam rooms but can be installed in any tiled environment so can be both practical and attractive in spaces such as kitchens or utility rooms.

For more information on Schlüter-SHELF, visit https://www.schluter.co.uk/ and search for shelf.

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