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Plus X and U+I complete first innovation hub in Brighton

Designed by Studio Egret West, Plus X and U+I have launched Plus X Brighton, the first of a national network of purpose-built innovation hubs designed to support the next generation of businesses building Britain’s new economy.

11/08/2020 3 min read

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'The New Normal' - or history repeating?

After three months of being locked down, Steve Gale asks, 'how much more home working do we want?'

10/08/2020 3 min read

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Housebuilding in a hurry: is this modular construction’s big moment?

Build-to-rent developers and the public sector are providing powerful new clients for modular construction. It could be a game-changer, says David Thame.

29/07/2020 5 min read

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Designer Spotlight: Thomas Eurlings, Forbo Flooring

Mix meets Forbo Flooring's Senior Designer Thomas Eurlings, to discuss finding inspiration, new projects and all things flooring.

05/08/2020 4 min read


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A flexible drop-in office space from Morgan Lovell

CDK Global wanted to create a space offering a freestyle, drop-in area in which its teams could perform and flourish.

08/07/2020 2 min read

With an existing head office located in Hungerford, Berkshire, CDK Global tasked Morgan Lovell  to create a smaller flexible ‘drop-in’ space for employees in Reading town centre, only a few hundred meters away from the train station.

‘Canvas is a new inventive and innovative space for CDK, acting and designed to support true collaboration in every sense of the word,’ says the team. ‘With the size of the space being around 2500 sq ft we worked closely with the CDK client team to bring their vision to life of a flexible environment, giving the users complete control over how and where they might think and work best. Whether it be on their own in a focused quiet booth or giving a small seminar talk in the central custom tiered sating presentation zone. Every element and design feature built in, is working hard for the space to provide for the users.’

The ‘garage-esque’ design of the Canvas space naturally complements the bare brickwork, exposed services and high ceilings of the existing space.  ‘The building already provided exposed services and crittall glazing with the internal brickwork being on show,’ says the team. ‘This made it such a dream to work with and play on the industrial vibe that we already had in place. This blended seamlessly with the grungy garage theme that we perused in bringing Canvas to life.

‘It ties in and hints back to the automotive industry but it is so far removed from their existing offices that although Canvas is part of CDK Global it truly has its own identity.’

To continue this theme, the team created cemented walls and simple, clean industrial lines, with caged light bulbs and warehouse-style internal windows to emphasise the industrial brickwork. The inevitable acoustic challenges were solved through the use of faux leather panels and acoustic curtains. The curtains also enable the meeting room to spill over into a lounge – or split off to support absorbed work activities. Open-plan break-out spaces are ideal to huddle, brainstorm or socialise around scribble walls.

To allow maximum opportunities over choice of working styles in this compact urban space, Morgan Lovell incorporated the utmost user flexibility into each area, with spaces for individuals to focus, and settings to accelerate group dynamics and inspire collaborations, as well as relaxing spots for socialising and experimenting with new technologies.


Banks of desks are seamless worktops, uninterrupted by dividing legs, which are easily converted into communal work surfaces. A focal point for the users, this area’s backdrop features a ‘pinnable’ acoustic wall, visually representing the evolution of the team’s journey within the space through polaroid images and creative collages blended from sign-in sheets.

‘Canvas is a new space, an add on and extension for CDK to push the boundaries of staff collaboration and innovation. A blank space if you will – for individuals to write and explore their own ideas in where CDK goes next.’


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