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An elegant, luxe workspace for Capital Sprints

The DSGN Studio has developed two schemes in one for the investment and advisory company, using artwork and sculptural elements to create a minimal, quietly confident space.

22/09/2020 5 min read

Project Team

  • Client

    Sprints Capital, London

  • Interior Designer

    The DSGN Studio

  • Furniture & Lighting

    Techo, Deltalight, Purves & Purves

  • Joinery

    Empire Interior Contractors

  • Flooring

    Modulyss, Havwoods, Clarks Contract

  • Rugs


  • Partitions, Ceilings & Doors

    Generation 3

It’s been a long, long time since we were last in London’s famous West End. It’s been a long, long time since we last actually visited a new project, for that matter. Well, today we’re putting both of those to rights.

We’re in London to take a look at the new Sprints Capital headquarters and, with mask discarded and hands sanitised, we wonder what we might find once we reach our destination. Perspex screens? Washing stations? Yellow and black chevrons? Warning signs? Actually, what we find is none of the above.

Sprints Capital is an advisor that invests in technology-enabled growth companies with proven business models, strong and durable market positions and excellent teams.

Over the last two decades the team behind Sprints Capital has invested over €2bn in promising European internet businesses, many of which have grown to become global champions.

The new Sprints Capital space lies on Duke of York Street, just off Jermyn Street. We meet with the scheme’s designer and Co-owner of The DSGN Studio, Ben Dudley, who social distantly guides us up to the Sprints Capital space, where we’re, in Ben’s own words, instantly saturated into the world of Sprints. Unlike the more corporate, somewhat typical (albeit high standard) landlord interior we found in the lobby, the Sprints Capital environment plays with the senses, immediately taking us along a dark, cool (it’s 30 degrees outside, so this is cool in both senses of the word), art-lined gallery space, before we emerge into the bright, brilliance of the relaxed and refined client lounge.

Taking a seat (in beautiful Scandinavian upholstery), we ask Ben about the origins of the project and his relationship with Sprints Capital. ‘We started this project just as lockdown was happening,’ Ben recalls. ‘We didn’t have any problem with our supply chain, thankfully. To start with, we were asked to play around with the existing structure – and then to design something completely different; a space which would work with the advantages of the architecture of the building.

‘So we developed two schemes – one using the majority of the existing structure that was already in place here, and one featuring the idea of having a ‘tunnel’ leading into the main client space. It quickly became apparent that the second design was a much more effective, elegant solution.

‘We were in competition, as we generally are with our projects, and following the initial discussions and having seen our first draft design concepts, I believe the client felt they would get a far greater level of creativity from us.

‘We asked the client what they liked and what they didn’t like – and they came back to us and said, ‘You’re the designers – we want you to come up with a solution’. The one thing they did say was that they wanted a home away from home, referencing the fabulous Ett Hem Hotel in Stockholm. We were shown a single image of an interior and were told that the brief was high-end, but not luxurious.

‘The company was originally just across the street from here. They wanted to stay in this area; it’s not ostentatious, but it does have an air of class about it. It’s very well connected to a number of underground and mainline stations.

‘The idea is that you walk into the space and instantly think, ‘Okay, this is a bit different!’ You walk the route, past the artwork – and they are really into their art – and into this beautiful, open space. The ceiling in the entrance space is comprised of Brooklyn tin tiles, which we brought in from the States.

‘It’s a natural and comfortable feeling when you walk into this open area. We’ve added simple, yet interesting lighting elements. We started by creating a series of mood boards for the client, showing different colours, tones and textures – and then developed that into a final scheme that featured warm metals, with blacks and neutral hues and tones. I think they liked the fact that everything was elegant, clean, calm and came together well – nothing was too overwhelming. They wanted a space where their clients could feel relaxed and be well looked after. They can sit here and have drinks before heading into one of the meeting rooms.

‘We specified materials and furniture that captured the spirit of the client – a tangible manifestation of the businesses direction. Some of the seating elements are Scandinavian – as is some of the lighting – but the rest just has that whole ethos of Sprints about it; that simplicity, that elegance, that brightness. We wanted them to add beautiful decoration to the space as well as functionality. The great thing is, when you’re out on the street and you look up, you can see sculptural elements – you can see that something really interesting is happening here.

‘We used brass within the lighting elements and wooden, herringbone flooring, and then applied simple greys for the finishes. The clients love of books has always been made evident to us, so we have incorporated bookcases throughout, the books also add colour to the overall scheme. Every time a client comes here, they give them a book.

‘The technology here has to work really hard – as does the furniture. They’re very tech savvy people.

‘The hardest thing when it came to the specification of products was that we had to go through a massive range of options and then get samples in – and this was all done, like I said earlier, in pretty exceptional circumstances. We used the majority of the client’s budget in the most important spaces – the client-facing areas, essentially.

‘When you walk through the space, you’re drawn towards the sculptural elements. We wanted to create a space that was slightly different, had great lines to it and was really cohesive.’

There are two large meeting rooms to either side of the client suite, with all three spaces featuring large-scale windows, allowing brilliant natural light into the space, as well as offering fantastic views out on to the beautiful church on Jermyn Street.

‘There was a desire for a private space where one could get away from everything – a space for quality thinking,’ Ben points out. ‘So we’ve added this darker, calming space that the team can escape to. It’s intentionally simple – there are no screens and no fixed technology. It has very low lighting levels – again intentionally.

‘We created different settings throughout the space. The workspace itself has height adjustable desks throughout – and the door to the workspace can be closed, so that when clients come in here, they don’t even take notice of that area. They can be brought straight into the heart of the space and then through to one of the meeting rooms. So, essentially, we flipped the scheme on its head by putting the workstation area adjacent to the entrance, then sealing that off, as it were, and then put the meeting rooms to the far end, with this nice open space, which helps create this dynamic line – the design draws people through the space and the clients get the benefit of the natural light and the views.

‘The kitchen is, again, hidden away from clients. This can be used to service the meetings rooms and is also used by the team here. Again, it was quite important that this was tucked away.’

Like we said earlier, we weren’t sure what to expect from today’s visit. What we’ve found is a scheme that possesses all the qualities that Sprints Capital was looking for. This is an elegant, quietly confident, refined solution – with not a Perspex screen nor chevron in sight. In fact, there’s not even a corporate colour or Sprints Capital logo to be seen. Now that is cool confidence.

Boy, it’s good to be back!

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