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Going Dutch: inside Booking.com's ground-breaking Amsterdam campus

A new workplace brings together the work of ten design studios for a collaborative journey like no other.

23/11/2023 4 min read

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The power of craft: in conversation with AMDL CIRCLE and Pedrali

Angelo Micheli and Monica Pedrali on why tradition and craftsmanship needn’t come at the expense of innovation and modernity.

20/11/2023 4 min read

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Five sensory-led interiors

We round up a selection of projects that consider the five senses to deliver mindful spaces with a focus on wellbeing.

23/12/2022 3 min read
Images: Jolie

AHR applies innovative biophilic design principles at The Spine building

For the northern home of The Royal College of Physicians, AHR Architects was tasked with creating a building that leaves its occupants healthier.

One of the building’s most iconic features is its shining glazed façade. Manifestations that resemble the patterned surface of the human skin are formed using a mathematical formula that appears, at a glance, to be random. In fact, it is carefully constructed to combine aesthetic effect with environmental performance. At a macro level, from the streets below, the pattern sprawls equally across each of the four elevations and the ‘spots’ look the same. But each of the 23 million polygons is unique: a different shape, a different size, a different orientation.

As the sunlight streams through, they also create the effect of dappled light – like sunbeams through a forest – which induces a calming effect, that reduces stress and stimulates a positive impact on the creative parts of the brain.

Photography: AHR

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Jolie creates a sensory trans-continental journey at Kitten cocktail bar

Jolie has used its expertise in sensory-led interior design to create a new Instagram-worthy Japanese Izakaya and cocktail bar in Manchester.

The design studio has eschewed a purely aesthetics driven approach and have instead utilised sensory zoning by considering the feel, fragrance and soundtrack for each internal area, to enhance the customer journey throughout the space, from morning to night.

At Kitten, the Jolie team drew upon their experience of creating ‘sensory-balanced’ designs, routinely collaborating with neuroscientists in each sensory field to carefully source and combine materials and fragrances to craft each environment from the inside out.

Photography: Billy Bolton

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Social connection and community at Zendesk, Singapore

Drawing on the design of urban parks, this M Moser Associates-designed office contains quiet corners and smaller, more intimate collaboration booths to offer retreat and focus. These include a mini garden behind the reception area, where plants create a lush hideaway. More biophilic elements throughout help filter air and create intimate green areas for health and wellness.

Photography: M Moser Associates

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The Office Group weaves together old and new at latest flexible workspace, Borough Yards

TOG partnered with David Thulstrup to create a design-led workspace in London’s landmark new cultural hub. Inside, there is an atmosphere of modern simplicity, respecting the rich materiality of the area. Intending for the interior of the building to be a contemporary translation of the area outside it, David Thulstrup took his initial cues from the brick arches of the railway and the green metal and glass roof of Borough market next door. The brown of the brick and the green of the glass were the starting points for the colour and material palette, translating the historic industrial aesthetic into a thoroughly modern proposition.

Photography: Ben Anders

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Mixd is inspired by the concept of sleep at Echo Investment’s Warsaw offices

The main inspiration for the project was the film “Inception” directed by Christopher Nolan – its main plot unfolding on increasingly deeper levels of sleep, each stage of which has been carefully planned by architects, often clearly against the laws of physics. A dramatic ceiling in the lobby features abstract forms of buildings, and a rich, warm design language is woven throughout the space. Materials include wood, ceramics, metal, fabrics and leather, complementing plush furnishings and curated artwork that create a homely atmosphere.

Photography: Studio Pion

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