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Mint & More introduce working variation at Supermetrics

Mint & More Creative designed the ‘park like’ expansion in response to Supermetric’s recent growth and need to cater for hybrid working.


2 min read

Supermetrics office designed by Mint & More Creative

Photography: Esa Kapila

Mint & More Creative designed multiple expansions to Supermetrics’ downtown office in Helsinki, to match their rapid growth and changing needs. The workspace was renovated from top to bottom to create a hybrid working environment which offers more opportunities for interaction and variation, while still feeling like home for the people who work there.  

Supermetrics Vol 2. office builds on the unique and relaxed vibe found upstairs in the Supermetrics Vol 1. office, while adding new elements and functionality to create a living and breathing environment. Now, the office has a colourful and park-like vibe that is distinctively cosy and comfortable, yet simultaneously bold and intriguing, with a balance of colour and nature. 

To create a natural atmosphere, Mint & More blurred the lines between outdoor and indoor space by maximising the flow of natural light in each room, adding tree-sized indoor plants, and creating custom-built secret garden pods decorated with vines which will become overgrown in time.  

With a focus on comfortable face-to-face interaction and variation to the workday, Mint & More catered for flexible working by creating ample opportunities for privacy, including multipurpose meeting and team rooms. Keen to encourage teamwork and build a shared sense of belonging, Mint & More focused strongly on the concept of community in their design too.

Veering away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach, the Finnish studio opted to reflect individual working styles by creating nook, pods and team rooms, each dotted throughout the office. To make sure the office is navigable for their growing staff, the rooms are also colour-coded, giving each space its own vibe as an added bonus. 

Mint & More introduced other features including technology enveloped by vines and soundless wooden treadmills for ‘walk and talks’ between colleagues – creating a space that’s enjoyable to work from, while embodying the software firm’s working culture.  


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