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BDG uses natural materials with a clinical twist at Tate & Lyle’s new office

The data-backed design by BDG reflects Tate & Lyle’s determination to implement a radically different way of working.

15/08/2022 2 min read

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Post-pandemic spaces: control or release?

As humans, we need both a sense of control and the joy of release. Spaces must acknowledge this tension, and either resolve it, or pick a side.

28/07/2022 2 min read

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Reva Cocoon: new outdoor seating designed by Patrick Jouin for Pedrali

Featuring soft lines and generous sizes, Reva Cocoon creates a system of flexible outdoor furniture that offers ultimate freedom of use.

09/08/2022 1 min read


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Modus create a sensory experience at Ouronyx’s Mayfair clinic

Tasked with taking the clinical feel out of the space, Modus has created an elegant and tranquil boutique, with design details focusing on sensory psychology.

16/12/2021 3 min read

Their first location and flagship clinic in London, aesthetic company Ouronyx wanted to make a statement. Rising to the challenge in the middle of a global pandemic and lockdown, Modus were more than ready to create something extraordinary.

Keen to take the ‘clinical feel’ out of the space and create an elegant boutique, Modus Creative Director Vidhi Sharma immersed herself with the brand and clientele, considering the psychological feel of the space. Wanting to do something bigger and better than they has ever had before, Modus focused the design around evoking a sensory experience.

‘[The design process] was all based around immersing ourselves within their brand,’ Vidhi tells us. ‘Our client had a clear vision for what they wanted to achieve, emphasising the importance around the psychology of the space and their ethos. We knew that it needed an essence of purity and to ‘feel’ a certain way.’

Situated in London’s exclusive Mayfair, the space offers a chance to be transported away from the busy streets outside into a tranquil and calm space, with clean lines and minimalist design greeting guests in the client lounge.

‘The design plays into all your senses, it’s a tranquil space where wellness and wellbeing come first. The Ouronyx clientele can immersive themselves in an experience like no other, forgetting the fact that they are in the hustle and bustle of London. From the moment you enter their space, you feel an instant sense of relief and release, knowing that you are being taken care of and are in the very best hands.’

The furniture and finishes were key to the overall design experience. ‘We took a holistic approach, wanting to play to all the senses,’ explains Vidhi. ‘Above everything else, the space needed to feel comfortable, not clinical and have a gentle, pure feel about it. Natural finishes were used throughout like stone, marble and wood. We considered how the materials and finishes could smell good, look good and feel good. From lighting to texture, even the positioning of the furniture placement combined with lighting was considered. Every element needed to support the other and feel right.’

The texture and feel of the furnishings came into play massively, for example we wanted to make sure that from the moment you sat down in the consultation chair, the feelings evoked were protection and relaxation. Even the way the seats were spaced was important, giving each client a pleasing vista. We wanted each individual to have an elevated experience’

We ask Vidhi how the design has been affected by the pandemic. ‘While businesses come to grips with the dynamic and flexible workforce, it is even more critical to get the balance of requirements correct. Although these are not new aspects of office design, there is a renewed focus on how they are incorporated. More than ever offices need integrated and smart tech, spaces that promote and support team engagement and connection, alongside elements that stimulate an individual’s senses, whether that is air quality, acoustics or smell, each plays a critical role in the overall experience, happiness and output of the individual.’

‘Ouronyx understood these needs and invested heavily in the latest technology, supporting everything from their consultation process through to in-house events. The sensory experience was also critical with a significant focus on sight, smell and sound. Given their busy central London location, creating an oasis, that could calm and relax within moments of entering the space was a fundamental requirement. We worked closely with Ouroynx to ensure every detail was meticulously chosen to support this goal, from clean lines, airy open spaces, soft ambient lighting, bespoke joinery and unique furniture. This design has taken into account the varying requirements of both team members and clients and aims to nurture and support a space that is more adaptable to the individual.’

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