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Christie Proton Beam Therapy by HKS Architects

We talk to HKS Architects about the Christie Proton Beam Therapy Centre project.

21/06/2019 2 min read

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The Biophilic Office Project

There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that, by incorporating biophilic design into our built environments, we can increase our health and wellbeing. Biophilic design acknowledges that we are instinctively connected to nature and that, through exploring this connection within the spaces that we live, relax and work in, we can positively influence our physical and psychological health. Oliver Heath, Director of Oliver Heath Designs, knows his stuff.

18/09/2019 3 min read

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Historic manchester building set for 1920s transformation by Bruntwood Works

Landmark Manchester building, Blackfriars House, is set to undergo a major transformation as part of Bruntwood Works’ £50m Pioneer refurbishment project. 

01/10/2019 1 min read

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DESSO Orchard Collection by Tarkett

DESSO Orchard Collection by Tarkett

24/09/2019 1 min read


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Ministry of Justice from iDEA

21/06/2019 2 min read

Name of Government Department: Ministry of Justice   |   Completion Date: August 18   |   Location: Canary Wharf

Project Team

  • Landlord


  • Contractor


  • Architect


  • Project Manager

    BNP Paribas

  • Furniture


  • Flooring

    Carpet – Milliken, Vinyl – Shaw Contract

  • Lighting

    Icons of Denmark

What part did you play in delivering the scheme?  

iDEA was the Lead Designer. This is one of four MoJ National HQ Projects that formed part of a wider remit to deliver the MoJ National vision and consolidate its estate.

Who was the key person/people from your organisation? 

Design team: Chris Ager, Harry Collett and Charlie Hayes.

Who was the key person/people from the client-side? 

Andy Mills and Ian Pearce.

What were the key objectives set by the client? 

We have been working alongside the Ministry of Justice to refresh and improve the working environments at four headquarters buildings in London and Leeds. This has been core to the MoJ National programme to deliver Smarter Working and a more streamlined, effective estate.

We developed a complete Workplace Design Guide in collaboration with the MoJ estates team, which could be applied to all MoJ sites, including satellite offices. The guidelines comprise work settings, furniture, graphics and manifestations, fabrics, finishes and wayfinding iconography. This delivers consistency between each site and provides a menu to tailor and scale the impact relevant to location.

10 South Colonnade is part of the Government Property Agency Hubs programme. MoJ occupies the 3rd floor in an agile space that supports transient staff working between 10SC and their flagship building in 102 Petty France.

Our main objectives: 

  • To re-use but refresh as many of the existing facilities as possible, from teapoint locations to meeting rooms. The design guidelines could then be applied to existing core elements to save on cost.
  • To provide an office landscape that reflected the values of the MoJ Smarter Working programme, and supported the on-going cultural shift across the organisation that has seen them dramatically reduce their office footprint over the last two years.
  • To ensure a consistent aesthetic and create a benchmark for implementation of the new MoJ identity across the whole of their estate.
  • To create a vibrant workspace, striking the correct balance between muted desk areas and colourful support settings.

What was the biggest design/cultural challenge? 

  • Ensuring the design catered for the array of teams that relocated to Canary Wharf from Westminster and capturing any special requirements the teams had within our design proposal.
  • Capturing the variety of team identities without creating a ‘mishmash’ of branding across an open plan floor.
  • To create an environment that promoted visibility between teams and encouraged sharing of settings and cross-disciplinary interaction.

Can you sum up the greatest transformational element? 

The culmination of effort from the Smarter Working programme, the MoJ Estates team and our designers to deliver an agile space that reflects MoJ values and delivers more efficient serviceable office space. It has provided the client with an opportunity to showcase its new identity and design guidelines on a large scale across one large floorplate, setting a national standard and benchmark for all of its future projects. 

Client Comment:

Mike Driver, the MoJ’s CFO, has commented on the success of the 10SC project at the vanguard of the MoJ’s exciting new transformational programme. The work continues successfully in its HQ building at 102 Petty France.

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