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David Collins Studio reveals its latest hospitality haunt in Chicago

Occupying two floors of the luxury St. Regis hotel, Tre Dita (and its accompanying Bar Tre Dita) is hailed as the ‘first certified Tuscan restaurant in the US’.

18/04/2024 2 min read

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Complete experience: the radical design of Knoll

We explore how Knoll has been revolutionising how people experience office, hospitality and residential interiors since 1938.

10/04/2024 5 min read

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10 products from Stockholm Design Week 2024

Innovative materials, fossil-free steel, lollipop-inspired seating and future-focused furniture: discover ten of our product highlights from this year’s Stockholm Design Week and Furniture Fair.


4 min read


Stockholm Design Week and Stockholm Furniture Fair made a triumphant return last week, featuring a smörgåsbord of designer collaborations, interactive installations and new product launches from Scandinavia and beyond. With key themes centering on environmental and social sustainability, craftsmanship and innovative reuse of waste materials.

Fora Form – BUD chair

Fora Form has launched BUD, a playful new chair aimed at creative and modern workplaces. Created for social zones and meeting rooms by award-winning designer duo Skogstad & Wærnes, the chair was designed to inject personality into a space and act as ‘a supportive friend, without being the dominant element in the room.’

Both foam and fabric can be easily changed so that the furniture can be easily repaired. BUD is a central part of the Fora Reform program, a system for updating and reusing original furniture with new parts and fabrics to give furniture a longer lifespan.

Vaarnii X Faye TooGood – Peace chair

British designer Faye Toogood has partnered with Finnish furniture brand Vaarnii to unveil the Peace outdoor furniture series. Inspired by classic Adirondack chairs, garden seating and the chunky shapes of a lollipop stick, the chair is crafted from Finnish pine and made locally in Finland.

Massproductions – Patch sofa

“A homage to duffelbags, moc toe boots and a string of sausages” – Massproductions returned to the fair after four years to present the Patch sofa, designed by Chris Martin, designer in chief and founder of Massproductions. Available in ten different modules and eight configurations, the modular sofa system is characterised by plump, lozenge shaped panels and a construction that minimised the use of polyurethane foam – incorporating steel springs from the bedding industry.

Normann Copenhagen – Mat chair

At its new showroom Normann Copenhagen unveiled the Mat chair, crafted from an innovative material that includes hemp and eelgrass, a type of seaweed. Designed by Danish studio Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen, the chair is a result of years of research and the brands first foray in biomaterials.

Hem X Marco Campardo – Bullnose

Hem presented Bullnose, a new seating collection from the London-based Italian designer Marco Campardo. Crafted from beech wood and available in both lounge and dining chairs, the collection is constructed from repeated iterations of a single shape, inspired by the classic bullnose trim. The collection officially launches in June, with three finishes available – natural wood, yellow and black.

Form Us With Love – Testing Grounds

Tricky to highlight just one piece from Form Us With Love‘s immersive workplace exhibition, ‘Testing Grounds’ revealed new collaborations between the Stockholm-based design studio and Stolab, Ateljie Lyktan, Forming Function and Savo. The products were intentionally designed to work together, creating a modular and versatile workspace ‘testbed’. Highlights included the Nomad collection, a portable and scalable set of flexible power outlets created with Forming Function – an aesthetic alternative to the extension cable, designed to be seen. Portable lamps can be plugged seamlessly into the outlet, designed in complementary and matching shades. Seating options included the Alt Collection for Stolab, a series of modular chairs that offer versatility through interchangeable upper and lower parts, allowing for customisation for different functions and spaces – for example, a traditional top designed for comfort and residential aesthetics can be paired with a swivel base, making it suitable for office use.

Humanscale X Kvadrat – Freedom Ocean

The latest in its collection of physics-driven, lever-free task chairs, Humanscale previewed Freedom Ocean – joining the brand’s Ocean range that utilises recycled materials, including reclaimed fishing nets, used plastic bottles and post-industrial material. The chair is upholstered in Kvadrat Sport, the world’s first recycled upholstery polyester textile made of 100% ocean-bound plastic waste designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Mullan – Bog Oak

Handmade in Ireland, Mullan brought a taste of ceramic craftsmanship to this year’s fair, with highlights including the Bog Oak collection of wall lights, featuring organic ceramic discs mounted on a brass fixture. Due to their handcrafted nature every light is slightly different, with each variant featuring a unique colour, texture and finish.

Narbutas – Q-Active desk

A modern sit-stand desk, Narbutas’ new Q-Active speaks to today’s workspaces in its active and ergonomic design, taking only nine minutes to set up. The height of the desk can be adjusted using simple buttons, and users can choose the most comfortable desk height and save two preferred positions. The desk is 99% recyclable, with parts that are screwed together rather than glued, making them easy to separate and sort at end of life.

Vestre – Tellus bench

Designed by Swedish designer Emma Olbers, Vestre revealed the Tellus bench, the world’s first furniture made from SSAB’s fossil-free steel. Traditional steel production it accounts for seven per cent of all CO2 emissions globally. “Early estimates indicate that converting all our steel to fossil-free could cut our overall footprint by around 60 per cent,” says Øyvind Bjørnstad, Chief Sustainability Officer at Vestre. Suited to outdoor and urban environments, the bench is classic and simple in design and uses as little material as possible. “I believe it should radiate both a metallic feel and a tactility, but also look welcoming; hence, the wide armrests which are visually inviting and functionally provide space for a coffee cup,” explains Olbers.

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