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The Hoxton Vienna offers a playful take on Austrian mid-century design

With interiors by AIME Studios, this marble-clad modernist landmark promises locals and visitors alike something completely new in an otherwise historic city.

16/04/2024 3 min read

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10/04/2024 5 min read

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Actiu launches Gaia: the first smart platform for healthy, high-performance spaces

Gaia integrates sensors into the work environment to gather data on environmental conditions and how the space in used, in order to positively impact user wellbeing and performance.


3 min read


City of London

Inspired by the Gaia hypothesis, the new platform encompasses service, software and hardware that provide a wide range of information on workspace behaviour, awarded Best innovative solution at the 2020 Madrid Open House Festival.

Just as the Gaia hypothesis suggests that the presence of life on Earth fosters conditions suitable to maintain the biosphere, Gaia by Actiu behaves as a self-regulating system that seeks balance by connecting people with the environment.

As well as optimising the use of space and promoting energy efficiency by integrating them into environmental control systems, Gaia creates a comfortable working environments – strengthening engagement and facilitating talent retention.

Gaia is perfectly aligned with our commitment to people, as it speaks directly to the user experience with the environment in order to improve their wellbeing, an aspect that is so necessary at the moment,’ says Actiu CEO Joaquín Berbega. ‘It is a practical and advanced tool for the smart management of spaces, as it provides valuable quantifiable data to facility managers and company management teams, to facilitate making changes in order to improve the productivity and usability of these spaces.’

To create Gaia, Actiu turned to a range of technology experts in AI, IoT, Analytics, Big Data and User Experience, as well as specialists in corporate wellbeing and health. So convinced with their product, Actiu is currently rolling out this technology in its own facilities, as well as developing new projects with several industry leading companies in Spain before the product launches internationally in June.

A smart analytical environment

By installing sensors in any piece of furniture, Gaia collects data and transmits it to the cloud to be processed by a series of algorithms that provide extensive knowledge on how the spaces are used, with a view to correctly managing the work environment, both in the offices themselves and in third-party spaces where remote work is carried out.

Post-pandemic, the platform will improve people’s safety by providing information to guarantee social distancing measures and ensuring density in open areas, as well as meeting rooms, while monitoring parameters such as space occupancy, temperature, humidity, light, sound, carbon dioxide levels and airborne particles.

Intuitive dashboard, user app and innovative devices 

Gaia offers a simple, visual and intuitive dashboard that includes functionalities such as data analysis, graphics management, visualization and information on layouts and the monitoring thereof. It also incorporates occupancy heat maps, ambient comfort ratios, alerts and incident notifications, content management and content analytics.

As well as the administration platform and the dashboard with business analytic functions, Gaia also has a mobile app which enables users to search, reserve, evaluate available spaces and services, report incidents, and manage alerts. This operability is also reflected in the design of the sensorised devices themselves, where both aesthetics and functionality are at the heart.

Pioneering experience-based solution

The platform brings together Actiu’s 50+ years’ experience designing solutions to improve people’s wellbeing and interaction with workspaces. It is also the result of the knowledge acquired by the company in its processes of being awarded the LEED and WELL Platinum certifications, which have enabled its headquarters in the Actiu Technology Park to become the world’s first industrial building to obtain both – certifying it as a healthy and sustainable space that safeguards the wellbeing of employees and takes care of the surrounding environment.

This smart technology project got underway in 2018, when Actiu presented the first prototype at Orgatec – a solution that has evolved into the current Gaia proposal, that incorporates pioneering technology to provide users with the best working environment – and the knowledge of how to obtain high-performance results from the findings.

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