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The Hoxton Vienna offers a playful take on Austrian mid-century design

With interiors by AIME Studios, this marble-clad modernist landmark promises locals and visitors alike something completely new in an otherwise historic city.

16/04/2024 3 min read

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Complete experience: the radical design of Knoll

We explore how Knoll has been revolutionising how people experience office, hospitality and residential interiors since 1938.

10/04/2024 5 min read

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Lowe & Fletcher ensures safety and security for the modern traveller

With contactless service becoming standard practice in the hospitality industry, Lowe & Fletcher’s smart locker systems offer extra peace of mind.

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Lowe and Fletcher


2 min read

Lowe and Fletcher


As digital check-in and check-outs become more commonplace within the hotel industry, making processes more efficient and seamless, this transition has presented travellers with a new challenge: what happens when guests want to check-in or out but still need a secure place to store their luggage?

Many hospitality providers have begun to seek out smart storage lockers powered by RAS Booking, to provide their guests with secure luggage storage that aligns with the increasingly contactless model of modern travel. Lowe & Fletcher’s Smart Hotel Locker Systems were designed with this very solution in mind, utilising an RAS Booking system that is completely standalone – meaning no complicated wiring or network access required.

The Smart Hotel Locker System allows travellers to arrive at the hotel’s locker storage area, scan a QR code with their smartphone, and check availability for a locker booking via the Remote Locking website. Once the booking is confirmed, the guest receives an email containing the location and a unique access pin. Lowe & Fletcher’s smart locks remove the need for user keys, providing flexibility and efficient reallocation whilst removing any issues associated with lost or damaged keys. Each lock also comes with an override key to give direct access to the locker in case of lost or forgotten pin. The combination of powerful RAS Booking software and digital smart locks therefore provides an invaluable layer of security to both hotel management and guests.

Seamlessly integrating with hotel management systems, the smart locker system ensures that access codes are automatically generated based on reservation details. The range additionally offers real-time monitoring and reporting of locker usage, meaning operators can track occupancy, identify available lockers and ensure a smooth flow of guests. As well as streamlining the overall guest experience, Lowe & Fletcher’s secure smart locks are built with durability in mind, with a robust design and high-quality materials to safeguard longevity for hospitality investments.

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