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The Hoxton Vienna offers a playful take on Austrian mid-century design

With interiors by AIME Studios, this marble-clad modernist landmark promises locals and visitors alike something completely new in an otherwise historic city.

16/04/2024 3 min read

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Complete experience: the radical design of Knoll

We explore how Knoll has been revolutionising how people experience office, hospitality and residential interiors since 1938.

10/04/2024 5 min read

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modulyss takes cues from nature with the Modus collection

Presenting Modus, modulyss introduces a unique, sustainable line of carpet tiles sourced from discarded nylon waste.

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2 min read

Modus Dreamscape

Comprised of four distinct designs – Rust, Ivy, Fade, and Trace – the Modus collection by modulyss its takes chief inspiration from natural elements, mimicking the visual patterns generated by the aging and weathering of man-made materials and structures over time. For instance, Rust delves into the interplay between objects and water, revealing intricate textures and captivating colours that speak to the relentless influence of natural elements. Ivy, on the other hand, embodies the resilience and tenacity of the evergreen plant as it gracefully expands and climbs.

Fade captures and embraces the inevitability of aging, representing this change with tranquil hues and soft transitions. Meanwhile, Trace serves as a storyteller of time, unveiling the mystery of nature’s fingerprints imprinted upon the world’s surfaces. Each of these four distinctive designs is available in 12 different colours, with modulyss offering a wide spectrum of shades to suit a diverse range of design preferences. While Rust and Fade share identical colour palettes and yarn structures – differing only in their patterns – Ivy and Trace also mirror elements of each other’s designs. Another, more practical feature of the Fade design is its flexible installation: the carpet tiles can be randomly laid out yet still yield eye-catching results, offering designers and architects more creative freedom in their spatial arrangements.

The wider Modus collection also places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Manufactured with 100% regenerated ECONYL® yarn, sourced from discarded nylon waste, Modus upholds modulyss’s commitment to eco-conscious production. The design range has additionally been recognised as Cradle to Cradle Certified®, signifying their adherence to principles of sustainability and the circular economy. This certification ensures that at the end of their lifecycle, Modus carpet tiles can be repurposed or recycled. The collection therefore not only offers aesthetic appeal and creative freedom, but also represents growing innovation in the commercial carpet market.


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