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David Collins Studio reveals its latest hospitality haunt in Chicago

Occupying two floors of the luxury St. Regis hotel, Tre Dita (and its accompanying Bar Tre Dita) is hailed as the ‘first certified Tuscan restaurant in the US’.

18/04/2024 2 min read

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Complete experience: the radical design of Knoll

We explore how Knoll has been revolutionising how people experience office, hospitality and residential interiors since 1938.

10/04/2024 5 min read

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Woven Image expands design-led ceiling range with a creative approach to acoustics

Defining interior spaces, the Fuji and Array collections offer a creative way to break free from flat, plain ceilings while enjoying high-performance acoustic solutions.

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Woven Image


2 min read

Array in colour Turret – photography Nicole England

Woven Image

Head Office: 37-39 Chard Road, Brookvale, 2100 NSW Sydney, Australia

Alongside the popularity of open-plan layouts and exposed ceilings, the growing priority of wellbeing and productivity in our offices and public spaces means the need for integrated, decorative acoustic treatments is greater than ever. Woven Image’s latest range of ceiling tiles and baffles are tailored to this careful combination of style and functionality, providing acoustic comfort while defining an interior atmosphere with artistic expression.

As a specialised range of acoustic ceiling tiles, Fuji allows greater freedom from empty, mundane ceiling surfaces and instead offers designers and architects multiple square and rectangular sizes and four stocked colour combinations. For projects that require greater customisation, single and dual colour options can be made to order in a range of 28 stunning colourways, with a huge selection of 784 possible colour combinations available. As well as a wealth of unique shades to choose from, Fuji tiles ensure simple installation in both direct fix and suspended applications, utilising the same minimal ceiling hardware as Woven Image’s acoustic ceiling baffles, Array.

Fuji tiles are instrumental in providing acoustic comfort in dynamic floorplans where noise can disrupt concentration and conversation, as the range’s unique embossed design and composition serves to reduce reverberation times through a high sound absorption rating. Fuji’s acoustic performance has also been declared in accordance with global standards, ISO and ASTM, while its Sabin, NRC and αw scores show a powerful ability in absorbing mid-high frequency sounds, lending the range to environments that require high speech intelligibility.

Array is a fully customisable acoustic ceiling baffle system, which in its own style helps to control reverberated noise in shared spaces. Utilising Woven Image’s signature EchoPanel® range – in both 12mm and 24mm thicknesses – Array is lightweight, easy to install and similar in appearance to wooden slats and beams, while carrying acoustic properties and exceptional sustainable credentials. This means the baffle system can be easily cut, customised and installed to complement existing ceiling structures, lighting or essential safety features such as ventilation and fire sprinklers.

As well as their aesthetic quality and acoustic performance, both the Fuji and Array collections feature Woven Image’s signature commitment to sustainability. Each Fuji tile is made of 64% post-consumer recycled plastic, and manufactured using solar energy in Woven Image’s R&D and production facility. Fuji tiles have additionally earned third-party sustainability certifications including ingredient transparency through Declare, Global GreenTag™, Platinum Product Health Declaration, low VOC emissions and Red List Free.

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