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Flokk is the leading manufacturer of high-quality workplace furniture in Europe, developing a growing family of global brands.

We are the proud owner of product brands HÅG, Offecct, Giroflex, RH, Profim, RBM and Connection. A structured focus on the environment through several decades has enabled us to be a leader in the development of sustainable furniture. Our head office is in Oslo, Norway, with main production sites in Norway, Sweden, Poland and the UK.

About Flokk

Flokk is a ‘House of Brands’ offering a wide range of seating solutions, tables, space dividing sytems and accessories for working spaces. Being a market leader, we feel responsible to work towards a future with a healthy climate and conscious resource consumption. We therefore continuously strive to push the standards for sustainable design and production.

As a house of brands, Flokk combines the heritage and expertise of its distinct brands, each with their own story to tell, but united by a common goal of creating innovative designs with a strong focus on the health and wellbeing of the users and the communities around them.

You will find Flokk showrooms on four continents and our global distribution network of dealers and retailers provide products, repairs, and servicing in over 80 countries.

Flokk was officially launched in 2017, but our story goes back nearly 150 years. As a house of brands, our history is found in the brands on which the company is built. With a combined heritage of over 400 years, the earliest of the Flokk brands to be established was Giroflex in 1872, with HÅG founded in 1943, and both RH and RBM in the ’70s.

The vision of Flokk is to inspire great work. We believe in people truly putting their hearts and minds into their work. With our passion for furnishing, we contribute to others by fulfilling their potential to work in a healthy and well-designed environment.


Flokk has 40 years’ history of a structured focus on the environment, enabling us to be leaders in the development of sustainable furniture. We believe in a holistic approach, that goes way beyond the materials we use.

As few of our peers, we control the whole value chain: from discovery through design, from sourcing to manufacturing and further on, to sales and customer service. Thanks to that, we are able to take full responsibility for every single detail of our work throughout the whole value chain with our customers in focus all the way.




Workspace, Hospitality, Education, Health, Residential, Public Sector

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Profim Revo: A climate-conscious furniture family for workplace interiors

A configurable and customisable seating solution, the Revo collection includes sofas, benches, screens and stools in softly contoured shapes.

07/12/2023 1 min read

HÅG Celi is a contemporary chair for collaborative occasions

The latest from Flokk’s family is stackable by 12-15 chairs and offers sustainably-made seating for social spaces.

06/11/2023 1 min read

Drift by Connection offers a tranquil workspace in busy environments

With 20% of the global population estimated to be neurodiverse, Drift offers a secluded workspace for creative brainstorming and focus work.

25/10/2023 1 min read

HÅG Capisco Puls by Flokk focuses on wellbeing and sustainability

The seat enables users to sit actively and enhances opportunities for movement while working at standard or tall desk heights.

21/08/2023 2 min read

HÅG Tion by Flokk is a sustainable, customisable task-seating solution for anywhere

In this new age of distributed working, the new HÅG Tion from Flokk can sit effortlessly in any type of workplace - whether that’s a dining table, home office or traditional working environment.

20/12/2021 2 min read

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63 Central Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 3AF

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